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About the worst thing you can do to a good beer is drink it from a bottle. Beer, like wine, needs to breathe and off-gas those delicious delicious aromas. The right glasses will capture these for your delight, and also show off the beer’s colour in glorious high def 3D. Additionally, despite popular myths to the contrary, bottles make poor weapons in bar fights. Proper glassware, however, makes an excellent improvised shiv.

But where do you find great beer glasses? Most stores don’t even carry dedicated beer-ware and, when they do, it’s limited to the ubiquitous glass stein. Heck, even bars have issues sourcing the right stuff. In a pinch you can use brandy and/or red wine glasses but those are ultimately not quite up to the job.

Recently, I came across a pricey but decent offering from

Das Spiegelau has an excellent set of four glasses, each tailored to one of four common beer styles. While the designer of the product knew his/her stuff, the person writing the advertising copy did not. Ignore those descriptions. The glass are, from left to right:

1: Hefeweizen/Wit (the bell at the top is to capture the sweet aroma)
2: Lager/Pilsner (tall to accentuate bubbles and subtleties in the lighter shades of colour)
3: Pale Ale (similar to the lager glass, but with more room to capture head, and wider for the slightly darker shades)
4: IPA/Barley Wine/Lambic/Saison (all about capturing that sticky head and delicious scent)

That some idiot looked at both the glassware AND the product shot and came up with “Lager, Wheat, Pilsner and… uh… different Pilsner?” astounds me. Look at the beer on the right. Pilsner? Have you even drank a beer before? (Yes, I know that the wheat ale pick is correct, and yes I know there are dark pilsners, but I have money to bet on the fact this person knew neither of those facts)

This is an excellent set, if a bit pricey for something you intend to consume large quantities of alcohol out of. I have been told that Ikea has an acceptable replacement for the Barley Wine glass (note this is much smaller than a Brandy Snifter), but as of right now I am unable to find it on their site.

Also, if someone knows where a lad can find proper english pint glass (complete with “– 20 oz –” written on the side) let me know.

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October 1st, 2010 at 3:37 pm

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