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I often get asked what my favourite beer is, and a lot of folk are honestly confused when I say that I don’t actually have one. My favourite beer changes with my mood, and as new beers become available. But I do have a list of beers that I constantly go back to, and a few breweries that I automatically associate with “Good Beer.” Here is that list. I will add it to the sidebar and occasionally update it as things progress.

The Best Beer and Breweries in BC According to Chuck

Best Breweries in BC: Driftwood, Crannóg, Central City, Howe Sound

Best IPA: Driftwood Sartori
Best IPA You Can Actually Buy: Central City Red Racer
Best Heff: Howe Sound Hangdog
Best Wheat: Howe Sound White Cap
Best Cream: R&B Raven
Best Stout: Crannóg Back Hand of God
Best Pale Ale: Central City Red Racer
Best ESB: Central City Red Racer
Best Red Ale: Crannóg Red Branch
Best Lager: R&B Ice Holes Lager
Best Saison: Driftwood Farmhand
Best Amber: Driftwood Crooked Coast
Best Scottish: Storm Highland
Best Nut Brown: Spinnaker’s

Best Beer in BC: Driftwood Sartori

Note that I have not included Imperials in the list above as I would have become tired of typing “Howe Sound.” There are some exceptions, but HS wins most categories, simply by virtual of being the only producer of that type of imperial. Also note there are some missing categories, this is because I have not come to a conclusion on every conceivable style of ale.

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October 5th, 2010 at 1:04 pm

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  1. Thanks so much for recommending our beers. We’re very proud of our ales and lagers!

    Red Racer Beer

    12 Oct 10 at 12:39

  2. Let’s make a deal. Keep making good beers, and I’ll keep dragging people to the LDB to buy them.


    12 Oct 10 at 12:46

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