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  1. Big River Gingerbread Ale
    Big River stood us up. Their promised Gingerbread Ale Beer was no where to be seen. Absent beers are the worst kind.
  2. Central City Pumpkin Ale
    Central City wound up just pouring their Pumpkin Ale from the taps at the Rail. I looked around for some tires to slash, but I suppose it makes sense they wouldn’t drive out there to not deliver a keg. This is not a terrible, or even bad, beer but laziness is only slightly better than not showing up at all.
  3. Central City Oktoberfest Ale
    Oktoberfest Ales are meant to be light, tasty, and easily quaffable. In an interesting twist on this theme, CC’s chipotle-infused offering was virtually undrinkable. I don’t hold this against them, however, as Chipotle Ales are incredibly hard to make work. Even Rogue’s bottled variety is border-line, and they’ve thrown years and piles of cash at making this a viable product.
  4. R&B Cornucopia Golden Ale
    This Mushroom Ale was… surprisingly not horrible. This ended up being a full bodied light ale with a counter-intuitively pleasant mushroom/earth finish. It’s not a finished product by far, but I think there’s potential to round this out.
  5. Granville Island Brewing Fresh Hopped ESB
    GIB’s Fresh Hopped ESB was decent, if somewhat unremarkable. The fresh hop taste I was hoping for was absent; perhaps I expected more than this beer could deliver. I also suspect I would have enjoy it more if it was just labeled a “Cask ESB.”
  6. Phillips Crooked Tooth Pumpkin Ale
    There was nothing limited about this ale, as it was just served out of LDB-fresh bottles. That didn’t stop it from being very tasty. Pumpkin ales range from sweet and pumpkin-y all the way over to light and spicy. On the spicy end are ales like CC’s, and on the sweet end are glasses of pie like Steamwork’s. This is absolutely like the latter. Pick up a bottle, grab some whipped cream, and have at ‘er.
  7. Phillips Grow Hop Fresh Hop Bitter
    Now here’s the fresh hopped taste I was looking for. While nothing to compare with Driftwood’s Sartori, this is still a very fine ale. By keeping it towards the lighter end of the bitter spectrum (this is a Bitter, not a Special Bitter, or an Extra Special Bitter), this beer balances excellent grain flavours with the lighter fresh hops without being too bitter.
  8. Storm Echinacea Stout
    This beer starts off tasting like a plain old great stout with nothing special about it, but slowly builds a pleasantly medicinal taste at the back of your throttle. Yes, I said “pleasantly medicinal.” No, I’m not kidding.
  9. Howe Sound Imperial Pumpkineater
    I knew something was up when this cask was left un-tapped on the counter because it “wasn’t ready yet.” It was tapped and served shortly thereafter to cheers. And they were right–it wasn’t ready. Instead it was delicious. I suspect the crew up in Squish tripped when they were adding the malt to this, because this cask had much more sugar in it than the regular version. As a result, it was noticeably sweeter and–I suspect–a bit more alcoholic.
  10. Russell Brewing Oaked/Spiced Wee Angry Scotch Ale
    Russell’s beer took the show, IMHO. This cask was absolutely delicious, and gains points as well for showing that Russell is taking good beer seriously once again. I am surprised at this, but I now have to give serious consideration to their other tall bottle ales, rather than dismissing them out of hand.

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Cialis pharmacy online

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Cialis drug prices

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