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Many of you have probably seen this floating around the ether, but I figure I’d throw it up here for fun’s sake. Or something like that.

When folk talk about liquor and Alberta, they’re usually doing it to point out how much better their system is than BC’s (not perfect, mind you, just better). Today that’s not the case. The Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission has up and banned beers with an ABV over 11.9%.

The worry is that these beers could be targeted by youths or binge drinkers. Right… because hard core alcoholics and kids under 18 (Alberta, remember) are the types that shell out a premium on Barley Wines, Winter Ales or odd-balls like He’Brew Jewbelation and BrewDog’s line of insanity (some of which are >$500/bottle).

It should be pointed out that while they thought it an urgent service to the public to ban these beers, wines costing less and containing more alcohol were strangely untouched.

Perhaps if protecting the masses was truly the motivation here, a better solution might have been to ban sale of booze for less than $X/fixed volume of pure alcohol. Something like 40-50c per 100ml would get the worst offenders, while still giving wine a bottom price of ~$6 and hard liquor ~$15. Worse ideas have been made law.

I’m not sure what to make of this, honestly. Anyone have any idea?

Link to story here

Link to Elliott Brood ranting against Alberta in song form here

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November 30th, 2010 at 5:35 pm

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