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Out With The Old, And In With The Brew! Are Puns Bad? They Are? Huh.

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Ah, New Year’s Eve. Nothing says “binge drink” and “horrific morning-after regrets” like some completely arbitrary twist of the calendar. Really, the second most important holy day for Xtians is but a week past, and all that yielded was some polite conversation and perhaps one-too-many whiskey sours for Uncle Ted. A few days later we have a holiday that celebrates literally nothing and people the world over find excuses to pour grain alcohol all over themselves and blow shit up. Now, I’m not saying I disagree, just that I find it all rather amusing 🙂

So let’s hop on the bandwagon. It’s time to cram ourselves full of decent food, good champagne, and even better beer, then head to the vomitorium, deep-throat an ostrich feather, and start all over again. Hedonism never hurt no one, so long as you remember to drink responsibly between purges.

GIS for “drink responsibly.” I literally could not do this job without ironic Google Image Searches.
All Hail Sergey Brin.

So, cheers to you guys, wherever tonight may find you. Just remember that the New Year is really just more of the same; the world won’t change because a digit rolled over in the calendar date (here that, 2012 folk?). In particular, I advise everyone to stay clear of gyms and avoid buying RRSP Investments at the same time everyone else is (contribute now, but convert from cash to stock in the spring–also reconsider taking investment advice from a blog about bloody beer, you moron).

If you really must make a resolution, try to make it beer themed, but hilarity-themed is also acceptable. I recommend things like vowing to attempt less papal assassinations, especially if the people around you don’t know you that well.

On a parting note, Nigel’s 200th beer list has inspired me to create one for my NYE party. Sure, it’s not as sweet/awesome as his, but it’s not too shabby either.

Beer. It’s what I’m drinking. No you can’t have any. OK, maybe one.

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December 31st, 2010 at 11:40 am

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