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And now a list of breweries

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Please note a new link on the right there, and that’s my comprehensive list of breweries/brewpubs in BC. Or, at least, my best guess at such a list. It turns out this sort of info is surprisingly hard to track down.

I’ve created a new “Brewpub Producer” category to distinguish folks like Howe Sound from the smaller pubs that don’t distribute past their doors, but now that Central City has moved towards a full-blown off-site brewery I wonder if a third Brewpub category might be required.

And yes, I have separated Granville Island into two breweries because, let’s face it, the operation in Kelowna has very very little to do with the tap house in Vancouver.

As always, comments/questions/rants are welcome.

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January 12th, 2011 at 10:33 am

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  1. You’ll find a list of BC brewpubs – regional breweries in “Northwest Brewing News”, available at quality beer establishments, such as the Alibi Room and Brewery Creek.

    Rick Green

    13 Jan 11 at 10:55

  2. True, but even as great a resource as NWBN is, they miss a few of the smaller/newer breweries (eg Pat’s Pub, or the three non-producing breweries), or don’t hint at the relationship been some (eg Red Truck, which is really a shadow brand of Taylor’s Crossing… or at least I assume as much–the fact that they make the same beer and are located right next door to each other could be entirely coincidental).

    Actually… so did I. Excuse me while I add in Crab Alley.


    13 Jan 11 at 11:17

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