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This Time Tomorrow

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By this time tomorrow, I should be racing south through Washington state, almost at my final destination of Portland, Oregon. I suspect that I will be a bit anxious to get there, having been up since 5am to catch Amtrak’s only southbound cross-border train of the day. I also suspect I will be slightly drunk, as being locked in a moving vehicle with a very decent beer selection tends to have that effect.

From the station, it’s to the hotel just long enough to check in, before I wander across the street to Bailey’s Taproom, considered one of the finest good beer bars on the continent. The planning gets a little fuzzier after that, perhaps because real life will almost certainly also display a certain lack of focus.

I will try and post short updates here (and certainly on twitter), but will likely leave the big summary until I return. For those of you who have me on Google Latitude, you can follow my progress from afar. If I stop moving for a long time anywhere that doesn’t correspond to a hotel or drinking establishment (and perhaps bears more than passing resemblance to a ditch), please notify the local authorities.

I also was surprised this wasn’t just a giant keg.

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February 17th, 2011 at 1:15 pm

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