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Back and Alive (Sort of)

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Well, I’m back. Despite some train-related technical difficulties on the way down that required me to become vastly more familiar with the Tacoma Amtrak station than really any one man should be, the weekend was a success. I will get the big summary of my Portland adventures up later this week (once I have a chance to sort through all the pics), but here’s a short summary.

Portland: The Coles Notes Version

Highlight: Upright Brewing tasting room. Upright just scattered some tables and chairs around their basement brewery and started pouring beers. The result is exactly the sort of cosy brewery experience I was looking for, complete with a self-guided tour around their fairly modest facilities.

Lowlight: My trip coincided with Portland’s Zwickelmania, so the normally placid minor breweries were crammed full of beer tourists. Granted, they’re a friendly lot, but even so having 150 people in Hair of the Dog was a bit too much.

Best Beer: A split between Upright Brewing’s one-off Melange Solide and Cascade’s excellent Vlad the Imp Aler.

Worst Beer: Dogfish Head World Wide Stout. Not because it was bad. The exact opposite. This is a damned tasty stout, but because I didn’t do my homework and forgot it’s an 18% ABV brew and had it at the end of the night (no ABV on the bottle didn’t help). Oh well, at least I slept well.

That’s it for now. More details, including tips for planning your next trip to Beer Mecca, coming in a day or two.

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February 22nd, 2011 at 12:26 pm

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