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Brewers Win… for now

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I posted recently about new allergin label requirements proposed for beer. There was lots of discussion around this both pro- and con-. On the pro side, one could only imagine what sort of dirty secrets would be revealed should the big breweries finally have to admit what, exactly, goes into their brews.

On the con side, lots of smaller breweries screen-print their labels directly onto the bottles, and don’t produce new bottles all that often. A new labelling requirement would mean they’d need to replace their massive, expensive floating stock all at once instead of slowly as needed. For some breweries, that could put them out of business.

So it appeared there were breweries on both sides of the craft divide interested in seeing this law amended or dropped all together.

Well, it would seem the brewery requirement has been dropped from the legislation… for now. Story here.

The exemption is called a “reprieve” rather than a permanent change, so I suspect we’ll see these labels at some point in the future. I only hope they come up with a solution that lets the little guys phase in the new labels slowly as their stock breaks or is reprinted. And perhaps some kind of extra-large label for corn or rice 🙂

Written by chuck

March 3rd, 2011 at 12:07 pm

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  1. Another great post. I laughed when I first heard about this because obviously micro beers have 4 ingredients and macro beers have probably a thousand. But it didn’t come to my mind at all about the downside of this label requirement.


    3 Mar 11 at 15:35

  2. My favorite part of all the Sun articles about this are the constant uotes/references to protection of children as the reason for needing allergen labelling.

    For example:
    “This isn’t just a bunch of fusspots,” said Gwen Smith, editor of Allergic Living, a magazine and website that has long lobbied for the regulations. “This is about, ‘How do I feed my children at dinner safely?’

    If you’re feeding your child beer for dinner, I’m not sure any amount of allergen labelling is going to help…


    3 Mar 11 at 21:15

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