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CAMRA Spring Fest of Ale

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The craft beer movement has brought us a slew of excellent beers and some entirely new styles, but virtually all these new beers are heavy, high alcohol numbers. I suspect this is an instinctive reflex away from the low alcohol light beers so favoured by the shit beer fans. And rightly so. If you claim something sucks, then logically something you like will be rather different, right?

Well, not always so. Light alcohol beers absolutely have a place in the craft beer aficionado’s stable of fine ales. Please note, though, that I said “light alcohol” and not “light flavour” or even “light calorie” (although a lot of beer’s caloric hit is from the booze itself).

In fact, many of the more familiar beer styles these days have their origin in post-work, low-alochol versions more aimed at refreshment than starting fistfights. Styles such as the Irish Stout, Saison and English Bitter all could typically be found with sub 4% booze content, to enable one to have a pint or two after work and still be able to find your way home.

These styles have all been augmented recently to up both the flavour and alcohol away from “refreshing” and more into the “rocket fuel” territory. For instance, I have recently had a 8% beer (Lighthouse Deckhand) that was still called a regular “Saison” (as opposed to Imperial or Double), and there are similar examples for all of the above (and other original low-alochol styles not mentioned).

Where am I going with this? Well, it’s been a while since I’ve pimped for CAMRA, so here we go. CAMRA is putting together their Spring Fest of Ale, and to make things interesting they’ve made the focus light alcohol (sub 3.5%) “session ales.” This is a style of beer that I’ve been searching for in vain for quite some time, so it will absolutely be interesting to see what the local brewers can conjure up for our consumption.

With the low ABV theme, it might even be possible to sample all the entrants and remain reasonably objective!

The event kicks off on April 16th at CAMRA’s standard Friday haunt (The London Pub). Pricing, breweries, and hours have yet to be announced, but there have been a few murmurs on twitter about beers being prepped.

See y’all there.

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March 8th, 2011 at 10:18 am

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  1. I’m digg’n the English theme of session beers, casks and London Pub. Should be a good one. Hopefully it won’t be the intoxication fest of ales like the winter event.


    10 Mar 11 at 16:03

  2. There was a winter fest of ales? 🙂


    10 Mar 11 at 16:10

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