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Beer For Lent

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I have it on good authority that there is this thing called Lent, which is of some sort of significance to Christians, but only some Christians while not others. I find it all very confusing, to be honest, but the details aren’t important here.

What is important is that folk elect to give something up for this period of time (I understand it to be somewhat longer than an hour), as a sign of their… something. Anyways, again details aren’t important. This is the point in the story where a guy named Wilson in Iowa becomes important.

Wilson (no relation to the volleyball) has decided to give up food. Not a particular kind of food, mind you, but the more general category of “Stuff That Goes In My Mouth What Requires Chewing.” In its place he plans on drinking an awful lot of calorie-crammed Doppelbock (Rock Bottom Illuminator, to be exact).

Personally I would have gone with something a bit more flavourful/varied like a nice stout or barley wine, but there is some historic basis for his decision. It would seem that monks would substitute in Doppelbock for bread during fasting periods, and thus the connection to Wilson.

We can follow along with Wilson at his blog here:

It’ll be interesting to see what effects an all carbohydrate liquid based diet will have on our little lab rat. And that ignores the alcoholic content from the 7-8 beers per day he’ll need to drink to stay alive.

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March 16th, 2011 at 1:45 pm

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  1. Celebrity “chef” Bob Blummer did a week on Guiness in Ireland on one of his Food Network shows and, even allowing for his hystrionics, did appear to almost die in only 7 days.


    16 Mar 11 at 16:10

  2. Beer is food and it will give you protein etc. but it’s also alcohol. Which is something you should take in moderation. Should be interesting to see how Wilson the lab rat does though, haha.


    16 Mar 11 at 23:13

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