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Railway Cask Update

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There were rumours floating around that the Railway Club’s cask today was to be something special… something weird. Ever since the intrepid VancouverBeerBlogger uncovered the possible existence of a pineapple beer inside Barry Benson’s (the B in R&B) mind, we’ve all been waiting with baited breath for it to burst out of his temple and make an appearance in the real world. (Aside, the glimpse into madness happened about half way through this excellent interview. You should read it, but only when you’re done here).

Pineapple beer is known to exist in Africa, and is also known to be universally gord-awful. If anyone could make a good version, it would have to be the fine folk who transitioned bacon beer from myth to reality.

So, when it was announced a little while ago that the 22nd of March would be a great day for going to the Railway Club to put tiny umbrellas in your beer and not feel awkward about it, I was exstatic… eggstatic… eckstatic… very happy. Then, when it was announced on twitter that said cask had expired in a beer-based explosion (aside: quite possibly the most awesomest of explosion types) I was equally crestfallen.

Oh well, beer innovation is not a straight-forward march from pale lager to bacon stout. There are sidetracks, wipeouts and yes, u-turns along the way. One day we will have pineapple beer but, alas, that day is not today. Instead we will have to drown our sorrows in an emergency replacement cask of R&B’s excellent East Side Bitter, wipe a tear from our eye and dream of what one day could be.

Written by chuck

March 22nd, 2011 at 10:56 am

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  1. A pineapple beer? Yes!

    Our tiny apartment is now home to a bubbly tub of soon-to-be-beer (it’s kind of like having a pet). This is the first batch, so nothing crazy (yet). We were brainstorming future concoctions and I was pushing for pineapple beer… will let you know if it ever becomes a reality.


    22 Mar 11 at 18:20

  2. I see from your like that you made it to the Railway club in time for the Bacon oatmeal stout on that cold Tuesday evening. I got there 1 hour after it was tapped and it was sold out. Anyways, it’s too bad about the pineapple cask. I’m so stoked Rick and Barry are giving there team the creative freedom because Todd and Brent are making some fantastic beers. It seems like Todd is the mastermind behind all the creative casks R&B has been pushing.


    22 Mar 11 at 21:03

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