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Beer Fest is Best

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CAMRA has finally posted pricing and details for the Spring Sessional Fest of Ale. You can find the deets here. Yes, I said deets. Live with it. Deets.

The general breakdown is as follows:

Date: April 16th
Venue: London Pub
Time: 11/12 until the beer runs out
Price: $10?!?! Sweet Jebus that’s cheap!
Price incls: Tasting glass, 1 ticket
Refills: $2.50 each

The split start time reflects a desire to let the first 100 pre-sale tickets in a bit early to enjoy all the beer without all the crowds. However, 100 people + The London Pub = crowd. And don’t pretend this won’t sell out and that you’ll be able to walk up at noon, buy a ticket and get in. These things are as popular as the Bubonic Plague and only getting more so (yeah, I know that people don’t like the plague, but popular doesn’t always mean that you like it–look it up).

Not all breweries have been announced, but those that are on the list look good, including my chance to expand my BC Beer experience by two BrewPubs I have yet to visit: Moon Under Water and Noble Pig.

So get on over there and buy yourself a ticket. Right away! Schnell! Hell, at $10 each I’m tempted to buy 50 or so to actually create the type of quiet beer enjoyment & reflection from 11 to 12 hinted at by CAMRA.

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March 23rd, 2011 at 1:27 pm

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  1. I learned from the Winter FestOfAle that bringing wetwipes to these events is a good idea. And for quiet beer reflection, I may bring a bucket to put over my head.


    23 Mar 11 at 15:21

  2. Looking forward to it to. I picked up 2 tix yesterday. I wonder how long it will be before Vancouver gets a big cask beer festival. I am nto expecting Great British Beer Festival size crounds and numbers of beers, but you can’t help thinking that if 100 people want to come in 11 hours, then surely there is the impetous to hold it in a larger venue. I guess its a year on year development. I will be interested to compare it to the weekend before when I am in Seattle for the Washington Cask Fest. I imagine they are a few years ahead. I love the concept though as so often festival beers are so high in alcohol you end up on the ground after 3 or 4 pints.
    See you there.
    Odyssey Ales


    25 Mar 11 at 08:40

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