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I, like you, was very excited by the prospect of a smoked duck sausage being made by BeerBrats from Howe Sound’s awesome King Heffy Imperial Hefeweizen. Unlike you, though, I slept in and didn’t make it to the Winter Farmers’ Market until just after noon. This was apparently all the time it took for Zach to sell out his entire stock of said duck, making for a very unhappy Chuck.

I can’t get enough of this man’s sausage.
What? Why is everyone snickering?

Luckily though, Zach had lots and lots of other options available, so I settled on some Howe Sound Oatmeal Stout Smokies and a pack of Tree Double Hop Head Butter Chicken Sausages. To accompany these hearty hunks of meat, I picked up some light produce at said market, and picked out a mild yet interesting ale from my cellar. The beer selected was Jolly Pumpkin Madrugada Obscura, a sour stout aged in oak barrels, brewed about fifty miles west of what once was the city of Detroit. This would match the sausages–particularly the smokies–quite well.

A quick trip to the BBQ and everything was ready to go. A fresh tomato/basil salad and some artisan sourdough sat prepped. Food was plated (and photographed by Sharon for posterity) and we were ready to pop the top on our sour ale and dig in. Knowing that Jolly Pumpkin ales can be a bit, er, active when you pop the cap, I wisely had a glass at hand to catch any overflow.

Of course, I based the need for a glass upon previous openings of Madrugada, Oro de Calabaza, La Roja and others. Sometimes it opens like a normal beer, and sometimes it foams up and needs to have a pint (or two) poured fairly quickly to avert a small mess. To avoid this, let the beer settle for a few hours (or months in my case), and open it either over a sink or with a glass or four nearby. This time, though, I was in for a surprise.

Immediately after taking off the cap and placing it aside, the air directly above the bottle was replaced by a leaping, sprouting fountain of delicious pressurized sour ale, at least 3 inches in height. I’d like to claim I remained calm in this situation, and swiftly deposited the surging contents in a handy bowl, bucket or out the nearest window but, alas, I panicked like a beer newbie and did the one thing you are not supposed to do in these situations. Yes, I put my thumb over the top, all while yelling “What do I do?” This might work for leaky dikes, but it sure as hell doesn’t work for highly pressured barley juice on the loose.

The result was, in the most accurate terms possible, nothing sort of a beer explosion. Beer sprayed sideways, upwards, and downwards to distances of ten feet or more. Finally enough time had elapsed for my senses to begin functioning again (and for Sharon to helpfully point out the bread bowl right in front of my stupid face). I emptied the bowl of bread, deposited the bottle in said bowl and transplanted the whole operation to the kitchen, where it probably should have started in the first place.

Historical Recreation

All told, though, only 1/3 to 1/2 the bottle was lost to the kitchen table, floor, couches, walls and cats. I still got to enjoy my delicious BeerBrats with slightly less ale than I’d hoped. The pairing was excellent, but the meal was absolutely made by the sausages (Attn: Zach, begin the cut for a review quote here) Folks, these sausages are good. Delicious in fact. Track down Zach on BeerBrats’ twitter feed (@BeerBrats), find out what market they’re at, go there and hand over your money. You will not regret this. (End Quote. Do I get free sausage now? Please?)

The moral of the story? I guess it’s get up early, because if I’d managed to pickup some King Heffy Smoke Duck Sausages I probably would have grabbed a different beer to go with dinner. Hmm… what goes with smoked duck… sour stout would probably be just about right. I wonder if I have any left?

I aim to be at the market nice and early this weekend, perhaps even forming a line before it opens because of all the added business this post will generate. (Really? Not even one free sausage? Huh.)

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March 29th, 2011 at 3:02 pm

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  1. VCBW BC Beer Awards 2010 + BeerBrats: the undoing of my seven-year run of vegetarianism.


    29 Mar 11 at 18:08

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