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Tickets for the general events of VCBW go on sale today, and if last year is anything to go by, expect them to sell out faster than hot cakes. Or crack. Or hotcakes full of crack. Ok, faster than just crack… which is on sale… just go with it, ok? They’ll go. Fast.

Sadly, this year will see me in far off Cuba during the festivities. Which is also during the second round of the playoffs… hmm… perhaps better planning is required on my part for future travels. But don’t let my misfortune grow into yours. Just because I won’t be able to make to any of these events, and therefore they will obviously suffer for my absence, doesn’t mean you should get all depressed and just stay home. Go. To as many as possible.

Before you look at the prices and decide “but it’s so expensive” remember that most event prices include tax AND gratuity. I don’t know about you, but I don’t remember the last time I ever left a bar full of food, good beer and good times for prices like this.

Some highlights:

Dead Famous Dead Guy Crawl : Yes, this is your chance to dress up as a zombie version of a celebrity, stagger around downtown and drink good beer. I missed this event last year (when it was just a funeral for Dix), and have regretted it ever since.

Legacy Liquor Store Cellaring Seminar : Chris knows his cellaring, and any aspiring beer geek would do well to heed his advice. I know I’ve written about cellaring before (and likely will again, on, say… Tuesday), but there’s just something about learning in person that beats reading some egomaniac’s barely literate scrawlings on the ‘tubes.

Upright x Driftwood Brewmaster’s Dinner : Two of my favourite brewers together in one spot? Sweet mother of all that’s holy, I might fly back from Cuba for one night to go to this.

Driftwood Beer Dinner at Hapa Umi : The Driftwood Hapa Izakaya meal last year was supposed to be fantastic (I was off doing something else beer-related) so this is bound to be great.

Red Truck Brewmaster Dinner and Cheese Tasting : I think there might be cheese at this one.

The Whip’s Firkin Fetish Night with Storm Brewing : Storm Casks, good food and nigh-naked people? Yes please! James, please keep your pants (mostly) on.

Alibi Room Presents, Brothers in Hop Featuring: Red Racer Beer x Ninkasi Brewing x Hopworks Urban Brewing : Ninkasi has never been in BC (aside from kegs) before, so I’m excited to see if these VCBW appearances are the start of a product launch (a la Upright last year).

Lastly, VCBW also created a video to advertise the week, and it’s been floating around the web since late last night. Since I’ve already been asked a couple of times, I’ll just point out straight away that No, this is not me. My leotard is purple, and this one is quite obviously teal. In fact, not only is this Not Me, but I had absolutely nothing to do with the conception, planning, execution or production of this fine fine example of post-modern beer-themed art. Shocking, I know. So shocking, in fact, that even I’m a bit wary to believe this disclaimer because, let’s face it, if you gave me a lot of money, a camcorder, and two furry outfits, this is likely what I’d make, beer week to advertise or no.

Not Me, but seriously… Woof!

Finally, it wouldn’t be a blog by Chuck without me taking exception to something. In this case it is VCBW whoring out to accept sponsorship funding from The Charles Bar. Guys, do you seriously need money so badly that you’re willing to take it from someone who’s idea of Craft Beer is Whistler Brewing? Yeah, I get it, they have Phillips in bottles, but anyone even remotely interested in good beer would have something better on tap than Whistler Dreck Light, Whistler Dreck Dark, Pilsner, Rickard’s, Heineken and Guinness.

This is a serious shot to your credibility. Wise up.

/PS Holy shit! The Backstage Lounge has good beer! When did this happen? Anyone up for a Sunny Saturday Patio Excursion sometime before my departure on April 29th?

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April 8th, 2011 at 3:56 pm

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  1. Thanks for the post! We’re glad you like the video so much.

    In regards to the Charles Bar…

    – They are participant’s, not sponsors. We never allow any brewery or venue to sponsor VCBW in order to keep everything fare.

    – VCBW was born of the mind to expand craft beer in Vancouver via promotion and education. If we are to ever achieve this goal then we can not look down our noses at establishments such as the Charles Bar or Whistler Brewing. Instead we need to show them the way, through support and education!

    Thanks again for the post. We love the support you’re showing VCBW 2011!


    12 Apr 11 at 10:32

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