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May Beer of the Month: VCBW Collaboration Smokin’ Cherry Bomb Saison

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I know, I know, I said I was going on vacation and then I promptly throw up two posts. I’m really out of here after this, though. I mean it.

This is a bit early, since May doesn’t start until Sunday, but unless there’s a way to hook up two coconut halves to the internet of which I am unaware, you all will just have to suck it up.

I don’t think there’s any surprise about this beer pick. I love cherries, I love saisons, and I love collaboration brews, even if they can sometimes fall victim to the “too many chefs” problem. This particular specimen is produced by BC’s “Women of Craft Beer,” from Salt Spring, Crannog, and Big River. There are only five casks, the first of which is being served up tonight in Victoria.

I could have picked the other collaboration brew for VCBW, but honestly I’ll take a fruit saison over a regular boring CDA any time. Also, I’m working on a new post about CDAs which will be rant-a-riffic and I don’t want to out myself as the huge hypocrite that I am just yet.

It will be found on tap at a variety of VCBW events, of which I am attending none. Instead, I will be holding my own expat CBW. In Cuba. With lager. By myself. /sob

I will be back in town on May 14th and attempting to sniff out any remaining cherry saison, but if this beer is anywhere near as good as it could be, I highly doubt I will succeed.

Where to get it: Various VCBW events, and likely at the Alibi.
Where not to get it: Anywhere else. Especially after, oh, May 14th.

Written by chuck

April 28th, 2011 at 1:16 pm

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  1. I was there with the gals when they brewed this beer. I would say it was Claire that did the brewing for the most part. Aly (ex R & B)was there and helped out a bit too. Should be cool, too bad you’re not gonna be around for VCBW. At least your gonna be on vacation. BTW everyday is VCBW if you’re a beer nerd, haha. Cheers.


    28 Apr 11 at 16:31

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