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October Beer of the Month: Phillips 10th Anniversary

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Ha! Bet you thought I’d miss this deadline as well, eh? Well, shame on you for doubting The Chuck. And shame on me for using the definite article for my name. I should know better, yet I somehow don’t.

Continuing the theme from the previous two BOTMs, I have selected a double IPA for October. But what a double IPA this is! Phillips Brewing recently turned 10 years old, and to celebrate they released a special Imperial IPA which clocks in at, coincidentally, 10% ABV.

What’s it like? I have no idea. You see, those whacky islanders over at Phillips elected to make the release ultra special by saving on packaging and releasing the brew in a Jeroboam, which is 3 litres in size for those of you not up on your bottle size names and/or Biblical scholarship. The result is a monster of a beer, which cannot be capped once let loose due to being corked. And thus the prospect of drinking this beer scares me.

Please note that SINGULARITY is looking like the safer beer to drink.
Seriously, though, drinking this beer solo will likely kill you.

Thus I’m making this beer BOTM solely for packaging. Oh, I’m sure it contains a decent DIPA, although perhaps not as great as Driftwood or Central City’s offerings. A cynical bastard could actually say that I’m just handing them the nod for releasing a large amount of beer in a single container, then question why I’m not rewarding the Heineken Party Keg which, at 5 litres, has to be 67% better, no?

The difference is that large format bottles are intended to facilitate long term cellaring without wasted space. Sure, Imperial IPAs cellar about as well as sliced apples, but perhaps Phillips dropping a Jeroboam on the market to critical acclaim is the baby step needed to convince other brewers to follow suit. Perhaps this will inspire Driftwood to drop Spring Rite into a Methuselah or Nebuchadnezzar next year.

But before that can happen, someone has to have the foresight to be first. And that honour goes to Phillips.

Where to get it: At last check, Viti had one on their counter intimidating people at the checkout. Unsure of anyone else.

How other beers view the 10th Anniversary
Especially Woolly Bugger.

Written by chuck

September 28th, 2011 at 2:57 pm

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  1. Don’t worry, you didn’t miss much


    28 Sep 11 at 15:10

  2. While I’m no big fan of Phillips at the best of times, I actually quite enjoyed this one. If they were to make it a regular beer and package it in something a little more sane, I would actually buy it now and then.

    Dave S.

    28 Sep 11 at 15:33

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  4. […] Sure, the fact that this beer is a very good twist on a favourite style of mine from a promising new brewery in BC certainly didn’t hurt this beer, but the cork seriously sealed the deal. Cork and cage releases are rare in BC. So rare, in fact, that this is only the second time it’s been done, and the first time in a bottle that a single person could conceivably drink. (Background here) […]

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