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Change IS Possible

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Gather around everyone and I shall tell you a story.

There once was a people who struggled dearly under a cruel and unjust King and his corrupt government. The pitiless overlords forced their people into long queues to purchase the one magical substance that could make their suffering-filled lives endurable. Let’s call the substance booze.

Not only was the people’s access to booze limited. The King knew that the people wanted the magical liquid terribly, and thus limited it’s availability to only state-run stores so he could ensure all the profits went straight to the crooked government.

The people begged and pleaded their king to change, and let anyone sell their beloved booze anywhere. But alas, the king, blind to the desires and needs of his people, heard no complaint but his own. And thus the people continued to suffer.

Sound familiar? I’ll be honest, I didn’t make up the plot from scratch. I might have borrowed some of the major details from a real life calamity. However, things don’t end as poorly for our beleaguered plebs as you might imagine.

You see, a mighty band of heroes named Costco came to the kingdom, and with the use of 22.7 million “little knights” they managed to convince the people to rise up and overthrow the cruel king. Sure, it could be argued that Costco just wanted all the profit from booze for themselves, but hey, hard liquor in a 10 litre jug! And will you look at that price!

Ok, I’m done now. In case you hadn’t figured it out, I’m talking about Washington state, which just recently voted to overturn their state-imposed state-run monopoly on liquor distribution and retail. Costco campaigned heavily for this, of course, as the thought of people NOT hauling whole flatcars of booze out of their stores was almost painful to imagine.

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See folks, with enough time, determination, and a giant pile of cold, hard cash for bribes, anything is possible. Think big. CAMRA is starting down the path towards liquor law reform, but as of yet there isn’t a large corporate sponsor willing to pony up the bucks.

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November 10th, 2011 at 12:28 pm

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  1. Tiffany down at 99 Bottles in Seattle doesn’t feel like the bill is a good one. Admittedly a) I haven’t read much about it so I don’t know the nuances here, and b) she works for a small boutique shop, so there will naturally be a bias, but it sounds like the Costco-driven legislation helps Costco more than it helps everyone else.

    Dave S.

    10 Nov 11 at 12:37

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