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300 and Counting

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If you’re surprised I haven’t posted about the impending Alibi Room 300th Taplist yet, then let me say I’m with you. What’s up with me?

Anywho, if you don’t already know, Nigel is doing his 300th Taplist next week, coincidentally about 100 taplists after his 200th celebration. However, instead of having one giant blowout evening with a lineup stretching down the block, he’s decided to split it into three nights starting Monday so as to give the most people the most chance to get in. And, of course, to give his registers the most chance to rake in that awesome, awesome, beer geek green. Now hey, not being critical here, Nigel needs that molah to buy weird beers with, which encourages those breweries to brew more weird beers, which in turn makes more beer for us. The ciiiiiircle of liiiiifeeee…

Aside: Not saying Nigel’s making a massive profit here, anything but. Despite the huge crowds, the margins on events like this remain fairly thin, with a good chunk of the cash going to entertainment (remember Rich Hope) as well as worthy charities like the Food Bank. Most of what’s left over pays for the very beer you’re drinking, but that was sort of my point: Buying craft/unique beer begets more craft/unique beer to buy.

I’ll be there at least on Tuesday, so keep an eye out for your favourite Bearded Beer Geek. 2nd Favourite? 3rd Favourite? 1st Somewhat likeable Beer Geek? Favourite somewhat-beer-related-guy-you’d-wave-to-from-across-the-street-but-not-actually-cross-the-street-to-talk-to? Well, fine, Mr. “I’m better than Chuck,” I’ll just wave to you from the uber-exclusive VIP express lineup that Nigel will invite me to. Right, Nigel? Nigel? Hello?

In preparation for this huge event, I’m assigning some beer homework for y’all. And no, it’s not the “drink some beer” type of homework. That’s just expected from you on a daily basis. No, this is reading based, but don’t fret, it’s reading *about* beer. Below are the menus from Nigel’s 100th and 200th events. Download them and peruse. Note please that these are not merely beer lists, but mini illustrated novels about beer and beer culture in BC. Stories about the breweries, anecdotes about brewmasters, streams of consciousness from Nigel, and little illustrations by Perrin. These are less menus and much more love poems to beer and beer culture. This is what makes the Alibi Room my favourite beer hall in town.

Well the massively awesome beer lineup doesn’t hurt, either.

Wow, just look at them… LOOK AT THEM! LOOOK!

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December 9th, 2011 at 12:11 pm

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  1. Hey! Thanks for writing this & especially for publishing previous centennial beer lists.

    I would like to point out one thing though. It addresses the idea that we will be “raking it in” on Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday.

    Firstly, I don’t know if you remember but for the 200th we provided all of the food on the house. We took donations for the Foodbank at the door, rather than charge entrance. We raised $1500 cash & a whole bunch of dry goods.

    This year I’m only charging $3.00 per glass (10oz) for ALL beers. Some of these kegs cost over 100% more than a regular keg (the Abyss for example).

    To have a performer like Rich Hope play 3 nights also ain’t cheap.

    Not to mention opening 2 hours early each day & the extra strain that puts on my staff. (We have a small crew & I’m asking a lot of them!)

    It’s about a real love of craft beer & an appreciation for all those participating in the growing beer culture of BC.

    I appreciate your support, I really do. You & all of our Loyal Faithful.

    But please realise, there are ways I could approach an event like this that would make me waaaay more money than the way we do. In fact most other business owners would probably think we’re crazy!!

    I look forward to seeing you & your readers on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday next week. ( or perhaps all 3!)


    9 Dec 11 at 12:45

  2. Hi Nigel,

    Thanks for the clarification, and I’d totally forgotten about the Food Bank work, and will amend the post accordingly.

    My comments on the raking it in was more about letting people know that by spending money at the Alibi Room (and other good beer venues, like St Augustines), they’re supporting breweries who make craft or unusual beer. And that by doing so, they’re creating a bigger, better market for those beers. But I agree, perhaps I could have made that more clear 🙂

    Cheers, and see you next week.


    9 Dec 11 at 12:51

  3. Cheers Chuck!


    9 Dec 11 at 13:57

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