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Alibi 300 Beer List

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As I’ve made a habit of doing, I had a buddy steal a copy of Nigel’s beer list so we could scan that sucker and put it online. This way you can look up those forgotten ales from last week, or e-vicariously take part if you were stuck on the rock during the festivities. Forgive the beer stains scattered throughout. Yeah, I thought you’d understand.

What took me so bloody long? I’m lazy, ok? So, very lazy… sorry–nodded off there for a bit.

Anyways, here she be. Enjoy.

Seriously, though… Perrin,
what’s up with the cover?

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December 22nd, 2011 at 10:45 am

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  1. Thanks for posting this. As always, a hilarious read. Would love to hear what the highlights were.


    22 Dec 11 at 12:37

  2. Hey Jer,

    I missed the first night, but my top three are probably Driftwood Bird of Prey (leftover from night 1), Deschutes Abyss ’11 for night two, and Driftwood Old Cellar Dweller ’11 for night three.

    OCD comes out today in bottle form, so I can only hope it’s as good as it was on cask.

    I’d grab some Abyss, but it’s freaking $33 a bottle here. At least you get it for 12ish, so go drink that.


    22 Dec 11 at 13:01

  3. I’d agree with you on the Bird of Prey and the Old Cellar Dweller, but for my money, the highlight of night 2 was Red Racer’s bourbon oak aged imperial porter.

    I know I’m alone here, but I didn’t like the Abyss at all. That sour cherry tasted too much like an off-flavour that once infected my homebrew and I can’t get past the association.

    Ben Coli

    22 Dec 11 at 13:18

  4. Oh that’s unfortunate. How are you with Singularity?

    My second place from Tuesday is likely the Tofino Rye/Vanilla stout. Those guys continue to impress.


    22 Dec 11 at 13:34

  5. Hey! That was my private stash of N.H.
    Hmm. Well, at least my source of last year’s Cuvee d’Hiver is safe. For now.


    22 Dec 11 at 19:38

  6. Sorry about that 🙂 I left a good chunk of the NH behind though. Heck, I only took four. I’ll leave the Cuvee until the darkness of winter makes me want a nice summer ale.


    22 Dec 11 at 20:29

  7. Cool. Hopefully you’ll have some OCD left by the next time I’m in Vancouver.

    I just hit the Whole Foods from heaven yesterday and got a couple of interesting bottles. Including this one – you should recognize the artist for the label:


    27 Dec 11 at 11:19

  8. Nice. Gotta bring me a bottle of that Leia Bell beer. I’ll trade you an OCD for it (don’t worry; I have almost nothing but OCD in my cellar).


    27 Dec 11 at 11:39

  9. Deal. Unless I try it and it’s crappy (the imperial pilsner).


    27 Dec 11 at 14:40

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