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Just a quick note here. It turns out that I work just around the corner from the Charles Bar, a place I had previously put On Notice for a dismal attitude towards craft beer. Since said notice, I was informed that they now carry a single tap of Howe Sound beer. So I decided to pop in and check things out, and see if their approach has improved.

I soon discovered that they did, indeed, have a rotating Howe Sound seasonal on tap. Things were looking up. I inquired as to what this might currently be, hoping for an answer like “Total Eclipse” or “Pothole Filler” since those are the current Howe Sound seasonal offerings. Instead, I got “some sort of winter ale.” Things were not looking so up.

Don’t get me wrong, Father John’s is a fine brew, but it was brewed way back in December, and this keg was likely delivered not long after that (strike one). I was still hopeful, so I ordered a pint.

Even though I ordered a pint, I was delivered a 16oz sleeve. Strike two. The glass was frosted, and the beer was ICE COLD. Strike three. I mean, really, frosted glassware for a winter ale? I haven’t seen that since about 2003 when I witnessed a surly waitress drop off a pint of guiness in a frosted glass and then proceed to tell my protesting friend that “Beer is served cold, sir.”

I don’t know about you, but I like my winter ales to taste like something, so I was forced to spend the next twenty minutes with my hands clasp around the sleeve, and boy isn’t that a fun way to have lunch?

All in all, this is barely more than the most imperceptible nod towards craft beer. Charles Bar, you’re still On Notice.

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February 29th, 2012 at 5:53 pm

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