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March Beer of the Month: Tofino Dawn Patrol

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Continuing in the theme of “new breweries” adopted last month, the Beer of the Month for March is…

Tofino Dawn Patrol Coffee Porter

Tofino’s one of the “five new breweries” I like to talk about whenever someone shows a bit of interest in beer, or gets stuck waiting for the crosswalk light beside me (I honestly can’t tell the difference; it’s a bonafide medical condition). FYI, The other four are Hoyne, Townsite, Coal Harbour and Parallel 49.

Since I’ve only tasted beer from three of those five, it’s a bit early to declare a winner. However, Tofino will be hard to beat. All their beers have been good, but this one made me realize they were playing with the elites.

There’s a depth and complexity here that is just a fantastic surprise for a brewery that’s well short of its first birthday. As I’ve mentioned to Jason from Driftwood: pay attention, these guys are your new competition for the coveted BC Brewing Crown.

Also, they have a cool, simple logo.
No joke here, I love this.

Sadly, the scale of Tofino’s operation still prevents their widespread availability (or bottling). I’m unaware if their distribution has even advanced as far away as Ucluelet. Their current presence at the Alibi Room is primarily a nod to Nigel’s determination to serve all that BC has to offer, but only time will tell how permanent that arrangement is. [Edit: Nigel informs me below that the Tofino guys are delivering the beer to his doorstep. I guess this more speaks to his craft beer influence in the local market; what better way to get your new beer known than to have it on tap at the Alibi?]

What I’m saying is: Drink up; in the future this gem might be a ferry ride away. That, plus a long drive on one of BC’s sketchiest highways.

Where to get it: Tofino, Alibi Room
Where not to get it: Anywhere else

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March 2nd, 2012 at 1:46 pm

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  1. Can I just say the reason we have the beer is 100% due to the Tofino lads going very very far out of their way for the ole Alibi.
    Apart from loving their beer we have very little to do with Tofino beer landing on our doorstep!!
    And we agree! Everything has been excellent. We are REALLY looking forward to the next batch of Hoppin’ Cretin. An outstanding, distinctive IPA.


    2 Mar 12 at 13:56

  2. @Nigel – Ah, I was wondering if that was the case or not, but the image of you driving up and down the island picking up kegs was too irresistible to let go. Do the guys at Tofino sound like they’ll be bringing you kegs for the long haul?


    2 Mar 12 at 14:01

  3. I visited Tofino Brewing Company back in July and as a beer drinker/brewer with an interest in small businesses it was incredibly inspiring to see how those guys had taken their dream and made it happen, where they wanted it to happen.

    Also, if you check their website, the environmental measures they have in place are very cool and definitely applaudable.


    2 Mar 12 at 18:30

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