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I shouldn’t be surprised. And I’m not.

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Sometimes being a ticking time bomb of beer geek fury has its drawbacks. The continued preference of the general public for the insipid, watery crap that passes for beer in this country leads to anger, and that leads to broken glass.

So, when the guy who sells me replacement windows sent me a link to the results of this year’s Golden Plates Awards, I was just as shocked as he was that I felt… nothing. Nothing at all. Last year, I was a little bit taken back at the results. This year, meh.

Yeah, I guess things improved a bit, compared to last year:

Category 2011 2012
Best Canadian Beer Brewed Outside BC 1. Alexander Keith’s 1. Steam Whistle
Best BC Beer Brewed Outside Vancouver 2. OK Springs Pale Ale 2. Driftwood Fat Tug
Best Locally Brewed Beer 2. Stanley Park Amber 2. Red Racer IPA

And the private LRSs made some good showings, but overall the list still shows off the general public’s lack of anything even remotely resembling good taste. And I don’t care that much.

I mean, it’s the Straight. Asking questions of People Who Read The Straight about Popular Brands in BC. You take those ingredients, execute on that plan, and I just can’t be surprised at the outcome. We all saw it coming. Don’t act surprised or shocked when the inevitable happens.

Picture of Steve Irwin irresponsibly handling a venomous animal included for no reason.

Sorry to disappoint, folks, but there won’t be a rant here. I have been watching the daily traffic to my site rise slowly the day after the results were released, almost certainly in anticipation of an entertaining meltdown. But alas it’s not to be. People are still idiots. Oh well, at least there’s more good beer for me this way.

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March 23rd, 2012 at 7:29 pm

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  1. Not one to poke the beast too much, but, erm, but you have both of these BC beers listed in YOUR ‘Best in BC’ list on the right hand side of this here blog.


    24 Mar 12 at 05:47

  2. @chuggins Well those are the highlights. There’s lots of lowlights on that list as well. Go check it out. Let’s just say that Kokanee & Cactus Club still do quite well.


    24 Mar 12 at 09:57

  3. Well then this is an excellent representation of what the average BC beer drinker thinks! I’d think you’d be thrilled at these results considering last year – how much better could you honestly expect out of a mainstream publication ?


    28 Mar 12 at 16:10

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