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Today is the first day of VCBW3, and The Twitter is abuzz with all sorts of beer nerdgasms. You can almost smell the excitment in the air. It smells like some sort of musk… that’s been left out in the sun far too long.

So where’s my beer nerdgasm? Well, I have a pretty subtle beer O-face, so I won’t be spurting barley enthusiasm all over this blog, at least not just yet. Sure, VCBW has started, but it’s off to a slow start with only one event for the next two nights. I might wait a while and build up a decent back-pressure of stories and anecdotes before I can’t hold it back anymore and just dump it all in one post.

Hands up if you noticed my use of “dump” in a long paragraph of sexual innuendo.

Enough of that–writing that shit is tiring. VCBW starts tonight at the newly renovated roundhouse in Yaletown, but I won’t be there. I won’t be there tomorrow either. Nor will I be at the homebrewers’ judging tomorrow. Instead, I’m going to play the tease and hold back a bit. My first VCBW event is this Sunday… at The Alibi Room. Yes, I have Hoppapalooza tickets (side note to self: buy Sharon something nice. And expensive). Nigel’s already taunting us with promises of 20+ IPAs and 10+ casks. I’ll be joined by this blog’s Chief Insanity Officer and Occasional TV Celebrity Dr. Jenn Gardy.

From there I plan on taking Monday off to give my taste buds a bit of time to grow back, although I might be tempted into Kits for the Parallel 49 launch party. The preview I’ve had of their Watermelon Wit excites me, and I’ll likely be a solid customer of theirs from day one. It only makes sense to get to known Graham and begin the long process of Scoring Free Beer.

My next ticketed event is a nice evening Tuesday at the Pourhouse for a dinner with Driftwood. I have to admit, I picked this event for two terrible reasons: first, it’s a dinner, and dinners tend to not wipe out my productivity the next day and second, it’s in the building I work in, and I’m so very lazy.

Wednesday is another rest day for me (is this starting to sound like a workout schedule?). If I’m up for it, though, I might drag my sorry ass out to the Portland Craft grand opening. A whole bar dedicated to my favourite city on the planet? Yes, please!

Thursday will see me trucking all the way out to Richmond for the Elysian Tap Takeover at the Pumphouse. Ms Jenn will also be coming out with me to that one, so look closely for us giving stern (but 100% incorrect) lectures on beer, microbiology, unicorns, and pretty much anything else.

Friday, I’m taking off. I mean it this time. Gotta save up for the closing event Saturday.

And on Sunday he rested.

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May 18th, 2012 at 3:26 pm

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