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My 30 Seconds Of Fame

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If you’re reading this on Friday morning, odds are you were listening to News1130 this AM, heard a tightly-edited 30 second spot on bad beer, and thought you’d go online to see what else this nutter Chuck has to say. Well, thanks for stopping by. Feel free to browse around and read anything I’ve got, but if you’re here because of bad beer, here’s a great place to start:

My Four part Molson Saga from last spring (in which Molson sent me samples of “M” for a review, and were shocked I didn’t like it):

And, of course, nothing like some good old-fashioned classic Chuck swearing-at-the-man for entertainment (aka my most popular post of all time):

Enjoy, and watch this space for some more rants soon. Also, I’ll throw up the audio of that spot once Mike sends it over.

Link to text of the article: here.

Update: Now with audio; Mike sent along both versions for our enjoyment! Edit 1 or Edit 2

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July 6th, 2012 at 6:53 am

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