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September Beer of the Month: Howe Sound Pumpkineater

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Yeah, I know it’s a few days into September already, but I’ve been very patient with this one. When oh-nine-oh-one rolled around on Saturday, I hadn’t had a chance to try all the various contenders. So I let the date slip a day while I tried Phillips Electric Unicorn in the hopes it would be great. Then I let the date slip some more.

Luckily, just when things looked bleakest, I was informed that the current seasonal on offer at Howe Sound Brewery was none other than their annual release of Pumpkineater. Sure, you can’t get it in the stores yet, but by the time all 10 of my regular readers review this, it will be everywhere.

So, without further adieu, please gaze adoringly upon the label of this month’s winner:

I will drink this out of the skulls of my defeated enemies!

Or maybe a pumpkin. Yeah, a pumpkin seems like a better idea.

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September 5th, 2012 at 7:56 pm

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  1. Why is this listed in the “skip” category right now/this year if it was so good last year?
    Isn’t the list on the right of the page a recommendation for the readers or does it mean that the author skips it because he already knows how it tastes?


    29 Sep 13 at 12:56

  2. @Frank_Z — Good question, complex answer. The Skip section on the right are seasonals that are either nothing special or even rather bad.

    Now, why is Pumpkineater in there? Is it nothing special? Nope. An imperial pumpkin ale is pretty much awesome by definition. That only leaves us “rather bad.”

    Alas, the 2013 beer is not good at all. It has a very harsh chemical taste to it that previous years lack. With as stellar a reputation as this beer has, though, I have delayed writing a review until I can confirm this through a few sources (can’t discount off a bad bottle).

    I’ve now had it on tap at three different locations, and all display the same astounding drop in quality over previous years. I even found a 2011 bottle in my cellar and tried that–fantastic, with lots of pumpkin pulp due to aging.

    I’ll try and get a post up on it soonish, but that stupid Real World thing keeps conspiring to keep me distracted.


    29 Sep 13 at 13:49

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