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Alibi 400 – First Round

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First, for those that didn’t see it, I tweeted the full menu pretty much immediately upon arrival last night. Expect a much better, high resolution version soon to join the 100, 200 and 300 tap list menus to be found elsewhere on this site (search for them, you lazy bastards).

To recap, here’s Page 1, Page 2 and Page 3, but don’t just stare at the goods, read Nigel’s intro as well when I post the full thing. It’ll pull your beer geek heart strings.

I’ve only been there one night (so far), but here are my take-aways. As always, these are my personal opinions, sometimes based on only a few sips. If a beer doesn’t appear here, it’s because I decided to go home before falling over and didn’t try it.

I’ll aim to get back there at least one more time. It might be tonight. It might be tomorrow. It might be both.


  • Upright Pearwood Smoked Lager: Delicious, smooth and not too smokey.
  • Upright OP Barrel Aged Sour Stout: Complex and slightly sour.
  • Gigantic Petit Quad: Lowering the sugar vs a normal quad allows some of the dryer complexity to shine through.
  • P49 x Steamworks: All-brett IPA: A complex, funky beast. I had it side by side with the Cantillon Gilloise and it won.
  • Yaletown Oud Bruin Custom Blend: This was perfect, and truly makes me think the 2012 must be too sour and the 2013 not sour enough.
  • Ninkasi Imperial Stout: A pretty straight forward imperial stout… you had me at imperial.
  • Central City Simcoe/Amarillo Hopped DIPA: Proof why Gary is the King of DIPAs
  • Cantillon Gilloise Lambic blend: I swear a funk band started playing when I ordered this. Barnyard (in a good way), socks (in a good way), and funky brett (in a good way).


  • Cantillon Kriek & Gueze — Sure, it’s spelt wrong on the menu, but these are still great Belgians. I’m just not sure I like the kegged version over the bottles, though, so they get a meh from me. Hey, I’m nothing if not controversial.
  • P49 Hay Fever Saison: I’m sure I’ll come to love this beer around April, but right now it’s just not saison-y enough to stand out on this menu.
  • Steamworks SpecTAKular Saison: A cloudy, slightly better version of Hay Fever, but still pretty meh.

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February 19th, 2013 at 1:00 pm

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  1. I thought the geuze was much better than the Gilloise. That was a typo on the menu, by the way; the geuze was (and always is) a blend of three vintages of lambic. The Gilloise is a straight 2 year-old lambic.

    The kriek was lovely and young – not as sour as it is when you get it from an older bottle, and the cherries tasted fresh and beautiful.

    I loved all three of the Cantillons, but I agree, I think they’re better from the bottle. They obviously can’t carbonate them as heavily in a keg, and the beer loses something with the extra effervescence.

    Ben Coli

    19 Feb 13 at 15:18

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