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Portland 2013

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Well, it’s time for my annual beer-cation to Portland. If you’d like to follow along, just click that button up there to see me on Twitter. Prepare for jealousy, though, and possibly inappropriate pictures.

To aid in your vicarious beer-themed awesome-venture this weekend, here’s a handy dandy map of my long list of Portland-themed destinations. I won’t hit up all these, mind you. This is just a list of all places that might possibly see my shadow over the next five days.

See y’all next week, when I will have tall tales of the Craft Beer Mecca that is Portland, and perhaps my long-promised stories on Shadow Brands in BC.


  • Red Marker: Food
  • Red Pin: Grocer (Whole Foods)
  • Blue Marker: Brewery
  • Blue Pin: Pub/BrewPub
  • Green Marker: Cool store
  • Cyan Marker: My hotel. No creeping, now

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Written by chuck

June 27th, 2013 at 4:45 pm

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Making Booze By The Numbers

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A little known bit of info is that the LCLB regularly publishes the complete list of liquor licenses in the province. They update this listing every two weeks and put it here. Included in that is everyone that can legally make or sell booze, their kind of license, and their seat count (if it’s a Liquor or Food Primary license).

As a numbers geek I’m kinda interested in this sort thing, so I took that giant file, parsed it up, and came up with some numbers depicting the current state of booze-makin’ in BC. I often wonder how many wineries there are versus breweries, and now I know: There are lots more wineries. Lots.

I even used Google to make some skookum graphs. There’s no real point being made here; I just like graphs. So have at ‘er.

All manufacturer licenses

Minus wine so it's easier to read.
Stupid wine, always making it hard to see.

Written by chuck

June 25th, 2013 at 5:55 pm

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Happy Birthday!

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Every once in a while a bit of information you already knew suddenly sinks in and becomes real, rather than an abstract thought. If you’re confused by this, imagine the different way that your mind regards the factual tidbit “Things what glow red are hot” immediately before and immediately after you lean on an electric stove element at a house party.

That difference leads you to exclaims such obviously true statements as “Holy shit! That glowing red element is HOT!” as if it was divine revelation that you must evangelize to the masses. “Of course it’s hot. It’s glowing red!” someone might mock, but you’ll still feel the need to impress upon them The Trust: “No, really! It’s really, really hot! I mean, wow! HOT!”

In much the same way I received the news yesterday of Parallel 49’s first birthday party. I mean, I KNEW this brewery was only just barely over a year old, but the party somehow made that abstract grain of knowledge come crashing down all around me. Holy shit. They’re only one.

They grow up so fast!
He’ll have his first DUI by Age 3.

This is a brewery that has produced probably 10 of my top 20 BC beers in the past year, and they’re ONLY ONE. Hopnotist, East Van With Love, Ugly Sweater, Schadenfreude, Seedspitter, Hoparazzi: all those beers didn’t exist a year ago. A SINGLE YEAR. Those are just my favourites; there are about a dozen other good beers that I didn’t feel like listing.

Or, look at it this way, since I first visited P49 and their half-finished tasting room in mid-June 2012, they have garnered, from me, 6 Seals of Approval (5 Bronze, 1 Gold), 2 Beers of the Month, and one coveted 2012 Beardie. For those counting, that’s more acclaim than that biased favourite of mine: Driftwood.

Not only have they succeeded in producing lots of different awesome beers, but they’ve also succeeded in producing huge volumes of said same. There was a time when the common consensus was that you could sell a lot of beer, or you could sell good beer, but not both. Parallel 49 has shown that age-old wisdom to be bunk, as they are now, by most learned estimates (aka me) the second largest craft brewery in BC after Phillips (and just ahead of Lighthouse). That’s a lot of good beer.

Again, all of this in a year. Well played, guys. So, happy birthday to Parallel 49, happy birthday to yoooouuuu. (And many more. No, seriously, if you go out of business I will do something violent… okay, I’ll just drink all the P49 beer in my cellar in one sitting… and get violently ill. That sorta counts, right?).

Written by chuck

June 21st, 2013 at 1:53 pm

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