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Making Booze By The Numbers

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A little known bit of info is that the LCLB regularly publishes the complete list of liquor licenses in the province. They update this listing every two weeks and put it here. Included in that is everyone that can legally make or sell booze, their kind of license, and their seat count (if it’s a Liquor or Food Primary license).

As a numbers geek I’m kinda interested in this sort thing, so I took that giant file, parsed it up, and came up with some numbers depicting the current state of booze-makin’ in BC. I often wonder how many wineries there are versus breweries, and now I know: There are lots more wineries. Lots.

I even used Google to make some skookum graphs. There’s no real point being made here; I just like graphs. So have at ‘er.

All manufacturer licenses

Minus wine so it's easier to read.
Stupid wine, always making it hard to see.

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June 25th, 2013 at 5:55 pm

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