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Portland 2013

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Well, it’s time for my annual beer-cation to Portland. If you’d like to follow along, just click that button up there to see me on Twitter. Prepare for jealousy, though, and possibly inappropriate pictures.

To aid in your vicarious beer-themed awesome-venture this weekend, here’s a handy dandy map of my long list of Portland-themed destinations. I won’t hit up all these, mind you. This is just a list of all places that might possibly see my shadow over the next five days.

See y’all next week, when I will have tall tales of the Craft Beer Mecca that is Portland, and perhaps my long-promised stories on Shadow Brands in BC.


  • Red Marker: Food
  • Red Pin: Grocer (Whole Foods)
  • Blue Marker: Brewery
  • Blue Pin: Pub/BrewPub
  • Green Marker: Cool store
  • Cyan Marker: My hotel. No creeping, now

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Written by chuck

June 27th, 2013 at 4:45 pm

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  1. No Pine State? For shame.


    27 Jun 13 at 18:05

  2. Well, I try to keep things fairly close to downtown…


    28 Jun 13 at 08:50

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