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Game On

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Alright, here we go. Got your warpaint on? Elbow pads? Helmet? Bear spray? Let’s DO THIS THING!

Driftwood Sartori is out today, folks. There might be some anticipated beer releases in BC, but none approach the madness that is Sartori Day. I thought I was alone in my fanatical pursuit of it last year… at least at first.

In an attempt to get around the per-customer bottle limits that so frequently accompany rare releases like this one, I drove from LRS to LRS buying my max. I thought that surely I’d be the only idiot so devoted, but that was not the situation. I was but one in a ravenous hoard of fresh-hopped nutters moving from store to store, emptying case after freshly opened case with a seemingly insatiable hunger.

Seems like a reasonable serving
(oh c’mon, that’s adorable)

This year I expect things to be even worse. Craft Beer, you see, is huge right now, and only getting more so by the minute. Sure, Driftwood–knowing a good thing when they see it–brewed up a double batch but even that’s only a wimpy 600 cases or so.

Driftwood has massively expanded their LRS support in the past 12 months, so supplies on a per-store basis will be rather limited. Don’t expect anyone to get more then 10 cases, but also expect random non-craft beer focused LRSs to land a few just because they happen to sell a lot of Fat Tug.

All told, the usual suspects (Legacy, Firefly, Brewery Creek, Viti) might sell out mere hours after getting their shipments in, so watch those Twitter feeds. Other, less popular or more remote stores should have supply into the weekend (16th Street, Darby’s, My Liquor Stores). Heck, Central City LRS isn’t even scheduled to get their shipment until Thursday.

If you think the bottle lust to be a tad extreme, then avoid St Augustine’s and the District Public House. Those fine establishments will be each receiving a cask of the lovely, and at a paltry 35 litres that’s barely the equivalent of 4 cases of bottles.

So get out there and get some.

How much does it cost and is it any good?

UPDATE — Stock is generally good. Legacy got in 40 cases and sold ~20 last night. Darby’s has 7 cases. My Liquor Store has some (unknown number). The only sell out I’ve heard of it Brewery Creek.

UPDATE 2 — Legacy is out, but Liberty on the Drive says they have some, as does Edgemont

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September 23rd, 2013 at 11:37 am

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  1. You said CC aren’t schedule to get theirs until Thursday, do you know when the other Vancouver stores are scheduled to get theirs?


    23 Sep 13 at 12:30

  2. @Lofft — It should be today for the downtown stores. EG:


    23 Sep 13 at 12:42

  3. Any idea if any stores in the ‘burbs (New West, Burnaby, Tri-Cities) are getting any?

    Graham Ballantyne

    23 Sep 13 at 14:14

  4. Nope, no idea. I’ve heard nothing. Best bet is to call and ask.


    23 Sep 13 at 14:21

  5. I don’t suppose anyone would like to grab me a bottle and hang onto it until I pass through Vancouver at the end of November?


    23 Sep 13 at 20:55

  6. I got my maximum of 4 at Brewery Creek yesterday afternoon before they completely sold out. Apparently it only took 2 hours.

    As for the beer itself, well I’d have to say this year’s release is rather underwhelming. I found it to be rather bland overall. I won’t be rushing out to find more.


    24 Sep 13 at 09:55

  7. @KWL – It’s not as mind numbingly awesome as the first year, I agree, but that’s to be expected since we’d never had anything like this before. To get my Sartori I had to step over a case of a different fresh-hopped IPA.

    I wouldn’t say it’s bland. I would say that I’ve become accustomed to newer, more fragrant hop varietals and that the old school style in Sartori doesn’t stand out. However, by the end of my glass I was very much enjoying the fresh herbalness of this beer, which makes it unique.

    I do agree, though; I won’t be purchasing more then the six I have right now.


    24 Sep 13 at 11:06

  8. Not sure where you’re getting your Legacy info from, but I was at the store ~10pm last night and Chris said they sold out in 2hrs.

    Dave S.

    24 Sep 13 at 14:26

  9. @Dave — Heh. Well, I got it while standing in Legacy at about 6pm (~2 hours after they got their stock), and querying the stock numbers at the till (and seeing the stacks of boxes).

    However, your “all out” is more recent so I’ll update.


    24 Sep 13 at 16:32

  10. Value-on got 10 cases today.
    Four cases left as of 10 min ago.


    24 Sep 13 at 17:32

  11. Liquor Barn in Burnaby (Hastings and Gilmore) got 10 cases yesterday and as of now there are just over 6 cases left.


    26 Sep 13 at 10:26

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