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As excitement continues to build for the impending opening of Craft Beer Market in the Olympic Village, an early draft of their fixed tap list appears to have been leaked on reddit.

Sure, I find it odd that anyone who works at a craft beer focused restaurant (and therefore should be experts on beer/food pairings) would be asking a public forum for advice, but this list does appear to be legit (eg no one else considers Saisons, White IPAs or California Common beers to be “Anomalies”).

Remember folks, this is quite obviously an early draft (full of typos/not formatted all purty-like) so don’t be too harsh on them for listing “Strom Brewing Black Plaque Stout” on there.

Here is the list for easy access.

Some quick take-aways:

  • The rotating taps (13 in total) are not listed here
  • This list represents 43 beers from 27 BC Breweries (and 1 cider from BC’s Merridale, and two undoubtedly locally brewed house beers)
  • Ignoring the 13 rotating taps, that gives us a tap list that is 37% BC
  • Or, looking at it another way, a tap list that has 11 more BC products than St Augustine’s
  • Big winners in terms of scoring taps are: Parallel 49, OK Spring, Driftwood, Phillips and Howe Sound, each with three
  • The brewery with the most taps? Deschutes, with 4

UPDATE: After careful analysis I’d say this list is legit, but likely an early version of the tap list. I won’t say exactly why I suspect this (although Rogue Dead Guy is awful hard to get on tap regularly). Expect the final version to be slightly different.

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October 23rd, 2013 at 3:44 pm

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  1. It looks like they’re not going to be selling pints? Or maybe this is a bottle list?


    24 Oct 13 at 12:44

  2. @Jono – Nope, no pints. This is consistent with their other locations, which offer up beer in varying sizes up to 0.5L, with most offerings coming in 400mL glasses.

    For those keeping track at home, 0.5L is just under 18oz and 0.4L is 14oz. While these are odd sizes to serve, they are absolutely up front about how big your glass is.

    The only open question is price.


    24 Oct 13 at 12:52

  3. ALEXANDER KEITH’S under IPA? Really?


    25 Oct 13 at 15:42

  4. I don’t know about everyone else, but I for one am getting pretty sick of the whole “Alexander Keith’s an IPA?!? PFFFT. I’m superior to everyone else because I know that to be untrue!” thing.

    Guess what: Alexander Keith’s was an IPA before IPAs were IPAs. Your concept of an IPA goes back to about the mid-80’s when North American style guidelines were being hashed out. And even then I’m pretty sure something at 90+ IBUs and north of 7% alcohol would be considered well outside the style. Keith’s has been around for over 100 years.

    Maybe you should be pissed off at the current crop of IPAs and their respective brewers for borrowing the name of a style and then blowing the guidelines out of the water. THEY are the ones that messed up the concept of an IPA, not Alex Keith.

    Oh, and maybe do a little research on things before you spout off. You don’t know as much as you think you do (not directed at you specifically, Mike, but pretty much everyone who repeats the same tired refrain over and over and over and over). Bottom line is that if you don’t like Keith’s then don’t drink it, but they aren’t doing anything wrong by calling their beer an IPA. Have a little respect for a company and a beer that has been operating in Canada longer than you, your parents, grand-parents, great grand-parents… your entire family ancestry have walked these lands. (excluding, of course, all First Nations readers and anyone whose family migrated here more than 120 years ago. If they would like to take pot shots at Keith’s then they are entitled to do so.)

    Nucking Futs

    25 Oct 13 at 16:51

  5. Homework time for you. They readily admit it’s not the same recipe as their forefathers. Compare it to an English IPA, not the west coast version.

    Not Nucking Futs

    25 Oct 13 at 21:20

  6. Wait, what? They don’t make it the same way they did in 1879? I can’t believe they would take some of the advances in brewing made over the last century and a quarter and apply it to their product. I feel shame, as should they.

    I think you missed my point, Not Me. Actually, you missed all of them. But hey, straw man arguments are the easiest to win.

    Nucking Futs

    26 Oct 13 at 11:02

  7. I dread that this place will just be another Whitespot with beer.

    Coniferous Gloom

    28 Oct 13 at 12:23

  8. Nucking Futs, you make such a valid point. Take an IPA recipe, change it so it tastes nothing like their original beer or any IPA on the market, and it’s still an IPA. Clever! I’m off to go pull the Mercedes symbol off my car and toss it on a Dodge Dart. After all, it was a Mercedes.

    Not Nucking Futs

    28 Oct 13 at 20:16

  9. @Not Me, you, sir, are a variable study in poor logic. The recipe has changed, therefore Keith’s is not an IPA. Hmmm.

    Granted, no one is arguing that the the recipe for Keith’s has changed over the years. However, change does not mean RADICAL change. I have spoken to Keith’s brewmaster in the not too distant past. I asked him point blank, “what has changed about your beer since the original recipe?” His answer was that most of the changes have been process based, reflecting the many advances in brewing science over the last century. Other changes are mainly due to hop supply. Hops that were readily available in the 1800’s simply aren’t that plentiful anymore. Other than that, the recipe is very close to the original.

    Listen: do I drink Keith’s? No. Do I like Keith’s? No, I do not. But for fuck sake, give some respect to the fact that it’s been around for as long as it has, and recognize the fact that they have the right to call it whatever they want. Bottom line: it was here first. Just because you don’t like it, frankly no one gives a shit. As I said before, If you want to be pissy at anyone about the whole IPA thing be mad at the modern brewers who took the style to ridiculous levels of IBU and ABV and made it delicious and made you love it despite the fact that these beers bear absolutely NO resemblence to the original guidelines for the style.

    Nucking Futs

    28 Oct 13 at 23:50

  10. They already quietly opened their doors today. It wasn’t quite busy yet, but also not empty, lots of staff (the waitress was very talkative) and a decent number of guests. The posted menu is the one from the market, maybe with some small changes. They will have a cask each Tuesday (I think at 4 pm), not this time though and the 13 rotating tabs were not available yet.
    As for the prize range (all from memory, no guarantee): IPAs start at 6.25 (e. g. Tree), but most are more expensive. IBU is posted on the menu. The trappist were 9.05. Wheat beers 8 to 9.
    It is nice that they serve most of the beer in the fitting glasses from the breweries.
    Two different flights were offered a world one and a Canadian one (6x 4oz 10.25).
    As for specials: Tuesday all beers are $2 off; Fish Tacos 2.75, minimum order 2. Wednesday BC beers $2 off and wings. Thursday European Beers $2 off, Friday I think something with wine. No special on Saturday. I think the Monday special was flights.


    30 Oct 13 at 00:55

  11. Ah, the rotating handles are printed on the back of the coaster:
    GIB Collaboration Brew
    Wolf Red brick IPA
    Ninkasi Total domination IPA
    GIB Pumpkining
    Ommegang Game of thornes take the black stout
    American Brewing Co Breakaway IPA
    Steamworks Pale ale
    Jolly Pumpkin bam bière
    New Belgium Pumpkick
    Stiegl Radler Zitrone
    Elysian Oddland spiced pear
    Big Rock Life of chai
    Lighthouse Tasman ale


    30 Oct 13 at 12:00

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  13. because his appeal to tradition is a bad argument.

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