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How an Awesome Growler is Born

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Ever wonder why those slickly awesome 33 Acres ceramic growlers are $65? Watch the video below to see how they’re made from start to finish, by hand, down in Portland (by the logically named Portland Growler Company). In addition to the clean aesthetic of the pure white version favour by 33 Acres, they have one-of-a-kind wood-fired versions (for twice the price, of course).

33 Acres’ growlers and their dirty, dirty cousins. Oh yeeeeah.

There’s still time to order one for that special beer geek in your life (or beer blogger that you secretly adore from afar), but before you whip out that VISA there are two caveats that you’ll need to accept:

  1. Shipping is pricey, as these guys are both heavy AND in the US. $30 shipping on a $65 growler might discourage you, but then again, that’s what Point Roberts was built for. Plus, of course, 33 Acres has a few of their branded versions left in their tasting room.
  2. Being opaque, these beautiful little vessels can’t be used in the growler-filling stations so popular in BC (which require the operator to watch the beer levels inside). So tap fills it must be. UPDATE: 33 Acres says they’ve figured it out, but other breweries might not be as clever.

Even with those drawbacks, they’re still awfully pretty to look at.


Portland Growler Company from Cineastas on Vimeo.

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December 4th, 2013 at 10:45 am

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