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So Far West It’s East

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Well, I’m outta here. I leave tonight for my annual vacation. After last year’s brief experimentation with a beer-friendly location (Belgium) we’re right back into the tepid light lagers of the tropics. Specifically, this time Sharon and I are off to Vietnam.

While Vietnam is not without it’s own, unique, take on beer, it doesn’t take much research to realize that it’s all pretty awful. If the idea of “street beer served as green as possible in plastic jugs” doesn’t thrill you, there are a few established breweries around Hanoi (the biggest city I’ll visit), and I imagine I’ll even try their beer. I might also go to the blatant Pilsner Urquell ripoff just for the novelty.

However, the fact that these breweries all seem to specialize in that wonder of wonders, light tropical lager, doesn’t mean I’ll like them very much. Don’t expect much of a beer post when I get back, is what I’m saying. I’ll likely head over to the on Belgian bar I found online and spend my time there. Chimay is sort of authentic Viet, right?

Check you suckers later.

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April 3rd, 2015 at 3:12 pm

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  1. Beer Laos is the best of the available lot. From one Communist country to another, it is readily available in Vietnam.

    Brad Harris

    4 Apr 15 at 10:58

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