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Live Breweries!

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So, earlier today, someone on Slack asked for a list of BC Breweries that was up to date. “Clearly he hasn’t seen mine!” I thought, as my brewery page has been the pride and joy of this site for many moons.

I quickly wrote a reply recommending my site but, before I pressed “Send” doubt overwhelmed me. Was my site the most up to date? When was the list time I updated it, anyways? So I looked at and realized the date was “February.”

Well, fuck. That shit don’t fly. I’ve been secretly working on a side project to dynamically update the Big List of BC Breweries via clever (“hacked”) scripts, so now seemed like the best time to roll it out. A bit of code-fu later, and bam! We now have a scripted version of the Brewery List that should be pretty much always up to date.

– The map is not scripted yet. I’m working on it.
– Rumoured/Yet to Open breweries are not included.
– There might be dupes (like Central City) since those places honestly have two locations.
– Odd names like “Fireweed” will be here, as Tree operates under a different legal name.
– Distilleries that brew their own precursor wort also appear here, since they technically need brewing licenses.

Anyways, all those caveats aside, check it out:

Written by chuck

September 11th, 2015 at 3:35 pm

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  1. Crannog is listed, in Sorrento. I believe Shuswap is dba Barleymill Pub or something similar.


    14 Sep 15 at 14:10

  2. You are correct, sir! (Page slyly updated)


    14 Sep 15 at 14:27

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