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Updated 11 Feb 2014

There are a lot of breweries in BC, from tiny Brewpubs up to giant Macro Producers That Stink Up The Corner Of Burrard And Cornwall (yes, that’s a real category of brewery).

At last count, there were 72 companies in BC valiantly engaged in the production of Our Favourite Beverage, so I thought I’d list them out here and give you a bit of intel on each one. I have avoided listing known shadow brands (eg Bowen Island, Caribou etc) although Whistler makes a showing because they are Northam’s most prominent brand, and they have an actual dedicated brewery. I’ve even included details on some newer breweries that haven’t had their first production run yet (Deep Cove, Doan’s, Dogwood, 33 Acres, Four Winds, Wheelhouse). If that seems like a lot, note that Oregon has about 200.

If I’ve omitted something, or you feel I pegged the wrong Best Beer from your favourite brewery, please let me know.

For each one I’ve also provided some info on general brewery quality and availability. Note that no rating means I haven’t tried them yet. Before the hate mail comes a-pouring in keep in mind that these are my opinions only, and I am a massive beer snob. It’s all about context, people. Here’s a legend:

Value Availability Brewery Quality
A Widely Available in BCLDB Outstanding
B Available in BCLDB Very Good
C Widely Available in CBW Decent
D Select CBW, or distributed on tap Mediocre
F Only on-site Just… dire

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Brewery City Type Availability Rating Best Beer Name Best Beer Style
Barley Mill Penticton Brewpub F
Barley Station Salmon Arm Brewpub F
Barkerville Quesnel Micro F
Big Ridge Surrey Brewpub F C Old Sullivan Porter
Big River Richmond Brewpub F C Extra Special Bitter ESB
Black Dog Cranbrook Brewpub Opens 2013?
Black Kettle North Vancouver Micro
Brassneck Vancouver Micro F B Inertia Imperial Stout
Bridge North Vancouver Micro D C Hopilano IPA
Cannery Penticton Micro B C Maple Stout Stout
Canoe Victoria Brewpub F D
Central City Surrey Brewpub Producer B A Red Racer IPA
Coal Harbour Vancouver Micro B D Powell Street English IPA
Columbia Creston Macro A F Heh. Funny.
Craig Street Duncan Brewpub F B Mr. Prevost Porter
Crannog Sorrento Micro D A Back Hand of God Stout
Dead Frog Langley Mini B C Fearless IPA
Deep Cove North Vancouver Micro C D Quick Wit
Doan’s Vancouver Micro Opens 2014
Dogwood Vancouver Micro Opens 2014
Driftwood Victoria Micro A A Singularity Imperial Stout
Firehall Oliver Brewpub F
Fernie Fernie Micro C C Lone Wolf IPA
Four Mile Victoria Brewpub Opens 2014
Freddy’s Kelowna Brewpub F
Four Winds Delta Micro C A Saison Brett
Granville Island Kelowna Regional A D Island Pale Lager
Granville Island Tap House Vancouver Mini A B Imperial Imperial IPA
Green Leaf North Vancouver Micro
Gulf Islands Saltspring Island Micro B C Fireside Winter Ale
Howe Sound Squamish Brewpub Producer A C Pothole Filler Imperial Stout
Hoyne Victoria Micro D C Wolf Vine Pale Ale
Lighthouse Victoria Mini A B Belgian Black Belgian
Longwood Nanaimo Brewpub C B Extra Special Bitter ESB
Marine Burnaby Brewpub F
Mission Springs Mission Brewpub Producer C C Cherry Bomb Belgian Pale
Molson Vancouver Macro A F Not a bloody thing
Mozarts Kimberley Brewpub Opens 2014
Moon Under Water Victoria Brewpub B C Blue Moon Bitter
Mt. Begbie Revelstoke Micro B C Nasty Habit IPA
Nelson Nelson Mini A C Faceplant Winter
Noble Pig Kamloops Brewpub F
Okanagan Springs Vernon Regional A D Summer Weizen Fruit Ale
Old Yale Chilliwack Micro B C Sergeants IPA
Pacific Western Prince George Macro A F Not a bloody thing
Parallel 49 Vancouver Micro A B Hoparazzi IPL
Pat’s Pub Vancouver Brewpub F D
Persephone Gibsons Micro D B Dry Irish Stout
Phillips Victoria Regional A C Surly Blonde Belgian
Powell Street Vancouver Micro D C Jalopy Pale Ale
R&B Vancouver Micro B C East Side Bitter
Red Truck North Vancouver Micro F C Red Truck Lager
Ridge Osoyoos Brewpub F
Russell Surrey Regional A C Wee Angry Scotch Ale
Spinnaker’s Victoria Brewpub Producer C B Nut Brown Nut Brown
Steamworks Vancouver Brewpub Producer A C Great Pumpkin Pumpkin Ale
Steel Toad Vancouver Brewpub Opens 2014
Storm Vancouver Micro D B Flanders Red Sour
Surlie Abbotsford Nano D
Swan’s Victoria Brewpub Producer C B Extra Special Bitter ESB
33 Acres Vancouver Micro D C Life California Common
Tin Whistle Penticton Micro B C Peaches and Cream Fruit Cream
Tofino Tofino Micro D A Dawn Patrol Coffee Porter
Townsite Powell River Micro D C Shiny Penny Belgian IPA
Tree Kelowna Regional A C Captivator Doppelbock
Turning Point Delta Mini A D Stanley Park Amber
Vancouver Island Victoria Regional A D Hermanator Ice Bock
Wheelhouse Prince Rupert Micro
Whistler Whistler/Kelowna Regional C D Lost Lake IPA
Whistler Taphouse Whistler Brewpub F B 5 Rings IPA
Wolf Nanaimo Micro B C Fat Head IPA
Yaletown Vancouver Brewpub F C Oud Bruin Sour Brown

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  3. Is your date stamp messed up? I’m surprised to see Four Winds and Dogwood on a post from 2 years ago


    9 Jan 13 at 12:43

  4. @Mike – That’s the datestamp this page was first posted. The table is pulled from a database on the server-side via a script I wrote, and the map is dynamically served off of Google.

    I used to have a list of recent changes from the db, but this update was so large I removed it.


    9 Jan 13 at 13:01

  5. …and the colours mean?

    (also Driftwood seems to have two markers on the map)


    9 Oct 13 at 09:16

  6. @RichardoB — Colour means size/type of brewery. If you click through to the Google hosted map there’s a legend. It’s not perfect, but it sorta makes sense.

    There actually aren’t two Driftwood markers. The second one is Hoyne, who is–I shit you not–about forty feet away (they share a parking lot).


    9 Oct 13 at 09:21

  7. Beachcomber is of course actually Persephone Brewing Company in the end.


    26 Oct 13 at 16:45

  8. @VanBeerGuy – Yup, this list is fairly out of date. Working on a refresh with some cool new features. Okay, feature.


    26 Oct 13 at 16:54

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