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April Beer Of The Month: Lighthouse Switchback IPA

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Another 30 days have past, and that means it’s time for me to shine the deserving spotlight on yet another beer for my loyal minions to go forth and consume. Taking a bit of a break from my monthly Driftwood special release love-in, I am forgoing the obvious choice of Driftwood Son of the Morning (despite my really quite liking that beer), and winding up at Lighthouse Switchback IPA.

The label apparently recommends drinking a six pack and doing some downhill. Yeah! EXTREME!

This beer is intriguing–and deserving of notice–for multiple reasons. First and foremost, it’s good. Very good. One bottle of this in my gullet and it was pretty obvious that this new beer was gunning for the top. Yup, it’s in that elite league at the high-point of BC Beer rankings, all buddy-buddy with Driftwood Fat Tug and Central City IPA. Is it the new king? Fuck no. Heck, it’s not even displacing Central City for second; it’s a very close third, and that is no easy feat.

Second, this beer represents an intriguing development down there on Devonshire Road. Up until recently Lighthouse was almost two breweries. One produced a fantastic series of interesting Belgium X New Zealand beers in 650ml bottles, and the other produced… well… let’s just say “less interesting” beers. It seemed that brewer Dean McLeod was allowed to play around with oddball styles so long as he kept them away from the main bottling line (am I the only one picturing Dean labouring over a manual bottler, while the line sits in the background idle, and he steals short, longing glances at it? Really? Just me?)

Well, all that changes with this beer. This beer reeks of Dean’s involvement, and I’m not just talking about the baths he takes in the conditioning tanks after everyone else has gone home. Seriously good beer is bleeding into the mainstream at Lighthouse, and Chuck likey.

Third, this beer has hops, and I mean lots of hops. Citra really stands out (and is my favourite IPA hop), but then two combo blends (Falconer’s Flight and Zythos) pack in so many more it’s hard to count them (more Citra, Simcoe, Sorachi Ace, and about ALL the C-Hops). You’d think it would come out as a bitter mess, but the Citra holds it together nicely.

Fourth, it comes in a six pack. The trend of awesome beers being in anti-weeknight friendly 650ml might just be coming to a close. Central City has long put out their beers in single serving cans, and now Lighthouse is following suit. Throw into the mix Parallel 49 launch their whole lineup in “work the next day” friendly sizes and we’re on to something.

Fifth, this is NOT a special release. This is a new member of Lighthouse’s regular lineup, and that’s definitely something to thank Dean for.

So there you have it. Go forth and consume, my legions.

I am less enthusiast about the beer/biking blend. Although in many ways this is more extreme.

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April 2nd, 2012 at 8:20 pm

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March of the Imperials

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The seasonal march just keeps on trucking. New this week are:

Driftwood Singularity (Barrel Aged Imp Stout)
Howe Sound Megasdestroyer (Anise infused Imp Stout)
Phillips Double Dragon (Imperial Red)
Russel/Storm Big Smoke (been out for a while, but last few cases just released)

Winter is the best time ever, eh? If you want the Singularity, you’d best get on it right away. The local LRSs only just got it in, but it’s evaporating faster than, well, a singularity (which actually evaporates very slowly). This is largely due to my buying up most of Darby’s supply, but I’m done now, I swear (no, I don’t).

THESE are the droids I’m looking for! Yeeeaah!… I’m sorry, that’s just awful. That one caption negates everything good I’ve ever done with this blog.

Side note: If you want the Big Smoke, Jimmy’s on Robson has many, many cases of it. I expect that their regular clients have no idea what it is.

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February 13th, 2012 at 6:27 pm

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A Bit of Dip

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A quick post to keep y’all up to date.

Just seen on twitter:

Hot! No, really, melted wax is hot. Be careful, guys.

Yup, that’s Singularity getting the high end, beer-dipped-in-wax treatment previously reserved for the likes of Deschutes. I’m looking forward to this release even more now, as there’s just something… special… about opening a waxed sealed beer. Of course, that they are able to do this at all hints that there really aren’t very many of those bottles. Just don’t get between me and the Singularity shelf and you’ll be fine.

Two beer firsts in BC this year: First a Jeroboam, and now Dipped Bottles. What’s next? A Dipped Jeroboam? Oh please?

Pro tip: You, too, can be hooked up with all the latest Driftwood news by following them. @driftwoodbeer, folks. It isn’t that hard.

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February 7th, 2012 at 6:35 pm

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