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Wow. Just Wow.

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These are truly wondrous times we inhabit. Medical progress is sprinting along; new and marvellous technological wonders burst into existence, mediocrity and obsolescence with frightening haste (but mostly in Japan) and we take for granted every-day abilities and devices that likely would have gotten you declared a witch and burnt at the stake as recently as 1993.

But all this has come to a peak. Humanity has, at last, achieved a spire of magnificent technological achievement so high, so daring, so astonishingly beyond-the-pale that further progress will be deemed unnecessary. We all might as well pack up our things and go home to the caves.

Yes, we have created… Bacon Beer. The cask at the Railway Club this coming Tuesday is to be R&B’s Bacon-infused Dark Star Oatmeal Stout. I intend to be there, as much to bask in the holy glow of all this beer represents as to savour, sip and discuss its inevitable bacon-ness with other members of the Bearded Beer Brigade.

You should come, too, if only to avoid the need of devising a lame alibi to tell your grandkids for where you were when The Great Revolution started.

Honestly, it will likely be terrible beer but–much like bad milk–you just gotta try it, ya know?

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November 12th, 2010 at 10:34 am

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Hop Season

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Oh joy of joys, it’s hop harvesting time. Well hop harvesting time was actually a couple of weeks ago, but since it takes a bit to brew, keg and release beers based on those hops you can forgive me the confusion. With so much hops on the market, we are starting to see the ’10 releases of some great brews, and a few new entries. In no particular order, here are some great new arrivals:
– Howe Sound Brewing’s Total Eclipse of the Hop (Imperial India Pale Ale — At your better LDBs)
– Green Flash Imperial India Pale Ale (at most of the good beer stores)
– Anderson Valley Anniversary Imperial India Pale Ale (at most of the good beer stores)

Of these three bottled offerings my hat goes to the Anderson Valley. I love those guys so much. However, I’m not here to review beers for you. That’s your job. Go out and drink all three.

Lastly, but certainly not least, hop season brings out the ’10 releases of wet-hopped ales. Wet-hopped ales skip the hop drying step and instead infuse their beers with hops plucked straight from the vine. If you’ve ever noticed the difference between dried and fresh herbs, then this concept shouldn’t be unfamiliar to you. Last year Driftwood Brewing purchased the entire harvest from BC’s first hops farm (Sartori Hops) and released their outstanding Sartori IPA. I was lucky enough to grab a few of these before they sold out. The new release is upon us, so keep an eye on those local beer store shelves.

For those that want a preview, I have heard from Ian @Driftwood that the Railway Club will be tapping a fresh cask of Sartori IPA today at 5pm. This is one of only five casks produced for BC, and you’d better bet your ass I’ll be there.

And lastly, as eye candy, here’s Driftwood’s gallery of the happy hops en route to their new home. Go, look, drool.

Written by chuck

September 28th, 2010 at 11:02 am