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Want to ask a question about beer? Got a complaint you don’t want to air in public? Are you a lawyer who’s unsure where to send that demand letter? Get ahold of Chuck these ways:

1/ Twitter (@Barley_Mowat) via normal tweets or direct messages
2/ Email: Chuck’s last name (at) gmail (dot) com *

* See my Twitter profile for that info. Sorry to make you do work but, you know, spam.

If you have a website and would like to include my various rantings on misc topics, by all means go ahead. Heck, even hotlink my images. Barley Mowat don’t care. Just be sure to properly attribute the content to me, and to provide a link back to the source. That’s all I ask. If you’d like to also buy me beer, I will not say no.

If you are a brewery/importer and would like to use my review, whole or in part, in promotional material, go ahead. Just don’t cleverly edit my copy to represent a review I did not give. If I gave a star rating on Untappd, please use that in your promotion. Optionally include these descriptors for each rating: 0.5: Fucking Awful, 1.0: Seriously Flawed, 1.5: Flawed, 2.0: Minor flaws, 2.5: Below Average, 3.0: Average, 3.5: Above Average, 4.0: Excellent, 4.5: Exceptional, 5.0: World Class. If you use a 0.5/5.0 rating in your promotional materials, you’re either truly awful or truly brilliant at your job, but either way you’re kinda awesome.

Additionally, attribute any promotional quotes with “Chuck Hallett,, @Barley_Mowat”. Cheers.

If you are a brewery and you would like to send me a sample of your product for review, please contact me and we’ll work something out. Please be aware of the following things before you send samples:

  1. I do not guarantee that I will post a review. However, if I don’t even try your beer there is no way I’ll post a review.
  2. I do not guarantee a positive review, or that I will not post a negative review. My reviews are honest, harsh and fair. Make good beer, and I’ll talk about it. If you send me Kokanee, oh yeah, I’ll talk about it.
  3. Likewise, don’t assume that not sending me something will escape a bad review. If you’re putting out a bad seasonal beer in BC, I’m going to buy that shit and talk about it. Yes, I am the Good Beer Police. No, I don’t have a uniform… yet.
  4. Please don’t send regular beers or production beers that have been around for a while. I’m focused on seasonals and new beers.
  5. Please don’t send non-BC beers. I have to specialize in something.
  6. Okay, fine, you can send both those types of beers, but I won’t review them.

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March 10th, 2012 at 12:54 pm

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  1. Hi Chuck.
    I’m hoping I can catch you for a few minutes for a phone interview on the latest abominations of nature being offered from the big breweries (sorry, that might be slightly editorial).
    Coors Light Iced Tea… Molson 67 Sublime… Bud Light Mojito…
    Are they really still beer? Is there a place for them? Do people (and by people I mean those with tastebuds) actually like them?
    I’m doing a fluffy, tongue-in-cheek piece on beer tomorrow and I’d love to get a couple of comments from you if possible.
    Is it possible to chat before 10am this morning?
    Let me know.

    Mike Lloyd, News1130 Radio

    Mike Lloyd

    5 Jul 12 at 08:54

  2. Hey Chuck,

    I’ve been reading your site for a while and love the info that you pump out. I’m doing some research on contract brewing for my blog and I wondering if you know who is/can do it or if you could forward me to anyone I should talk to about it.




    17 Jun 15 at 11:26

  3. Hi Mike,

    You should talk to:

    – Canuck Empire brewing (current contract brewer)
    – Dead Frog Brewing (they have been the contractee for quite a few locals). Talk to Rick Green there (start via Twitter)
    – Main St Brewing. They started out as a contract brewer out of Russell Brewing, but grew into a a full blown regular brewery (and then signed Russell’s brewmaster, to boot!)


    17 Jun 15 at 11:37

  4. Hi,

    I’m Ella Easton and I’m promoting a website about drug/alcohol abuse treatment. I have been searching the Internet for sites we think would be just right for our campaign, and your site has caught our attention. Having said that, I’d like to inquire if you’re open to the idea of a link placement on this page:


    Please let me know your thoughts on how this could work for you, or if you already have rates in mind. Our budget for this campaign may not be that much, but we’ll do our best to reach an agreement with you that would be fair and appropriate for the both of us.

    Thanks for your time.

    Warm Regards,

    Ella Easton

    Ella Easton

    26 Jan 17 at 00:10

  5. Columbus Wayn

    14 Jul 19 at 13:15

  6. Kathygidit

    3 Jan 20 at 03:42

  7. RichardUnult

    12 Feb 20 at 03:44

  8. Matthof

    3 Sep 20 at 04:13

  9. Kennethjib

    9 Sep 20 at 03:04

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