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Big List Of BC Breweries (Live-ish)

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There are a lot of breweries in BC, from tiny Brewpubs up to giant Macro Producers That Stink Up The Corner Of Burrard And Cornwall (yes, that’s a real category of brewery).

At last count, there were 116 companies in BC valiantly engaged in the production of Our Favourite Beverage, so I thought I’d list them out here and give you a bit of intel on each one. This list is pulled directly, and programmatically, off the BC LCLB’s list of licensed breweries. That explains why some of these guys are in there twice (they have two facilities) and some have odd names (Fireweed is the official name of Tree).

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Brewery Address City

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May 24th, 2013 at 10:29 am

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  3. Is your date stamp messed up? I’m surprised to see Four Winds and Dogwood on a post from 2 years ago


    9 Jan 13 at 12:43

  4. @Mike – That’s the datestamp this page was first posted. The table is pulled from a database on the server-side via a script I wrote, and the map is dynamically served off of Google.

    I used to have a list of recent changes from the db, but this update was so large I removed it.


    9 Jan 13 at 13:01

  5. …and the colours mean?

    (also Driftwood seems to have two markers on the map)


    9 Oct 13 at 09:16

  6. @RichardoB — Colour means size/type of brewery. If you click through to the Google hosted map there’s a legend. It’s not perfect, but it sorta makes sense.

    There actually aren’t two Driftwood markers. The second one is Hoyne, who is–I shit you not–about forty feet away (they share a parking lot).


    9 Oct 13 at 09:21

  7. Beachcomber is of course actually Persephone Brewing Company in the end.


    26 Oct 13 at 16:45

  8. @VanBeerGuy – Yup, this list is fairly out of date. Working on a refresh with some cool new features. Okay, feature.


    26 Oct 13 at 16:54

  9. I think the 99%+ of GIB beer doesn’t come from Kelowna anymore. That is what I understood while doing the brewery tour 2 days ago with one of the assistant brewers. He said that they are contract brewing “on the other side down the road”. 😉


    20 Jun 14 at 13:10

  10. @Frank_Z – Aw crap. Haven’t updated that part of the list in forever. You’re right. The vast majority of their 12oz bottles are brewed at 1st/Burrard, although I’ve heard that Swing Span is actually brewed by Creemore in Ontario.


    20 Jun 14 at 14:19

  11. If Swingspan is a Creemore product, it is their poorest one.

    Keith C

    16 Nov 14 at 17:16

  12. And personally , I’m a hardcore beer geek as well as a retired/resigned BJCP judge, and I have had poor experiences with nearly all products from Bridge, Townsite, and 4 Mile (The last 2 being huge amounts of diacetyl)

    Keith C

    16 Nov 14 at 18:04

  13. No Storm?


    11 Feb 15 at 15:21

  14. Good eyes Braeden. I had an error in the database backing this page. All fixed now.


    11 Feb 15 at 15:28

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  16. I read that Surlie Brewing Company had closed

    RJ Griffeth

    11 Sep 15 at 16:46

  17. They’re closing. Either they’re still brewing, or their license is still on the books w/ the govt (which is where all this is being sourced from now).


    11 Sep 15 at 16:54

  18. Bridge Brewing has since moved to a new location on Charlotte Rd.

    1448 Charlotte Rd, North Vancouver, BC V7J 1H2


    13 Sep 15 at 18:45

  19. What is this “Hotel Pacific Pub and Brewery” of which you speak?


    26 Oct 15 at 11:13

  20. Here’s the raw data:
    Hotel Pacific Pub & Brewery,208 E. Georgia & 700 Main Street,,VANCOUVER,V6A1Z7,# 380 – 1665 Broadway W,,VANCOUVER,BC,V6J1X1,Brewery,0

    It’s the London Pub and Caffe Brixton, neither of which actually brews beer… yet. They are licensed to do so, though.


    26 Oct 15 at 11:31

  21. Connor

    27 Nov 15 at 08:58

  22. Kirunaauthoma

    23 Nov 20 at 22:36

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