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Alibi 300 Beer List

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As I’ve made a habit of doing, I had a buddy steal a copy of Nigel’s beer list so we could scan that sucker and put it online. This way you can look up those forgotten ales from last week, or e-vicariously take part if you were stuck on the rock during the festivities. Forgive the beer stains scattered throughout. Yeah, I thought you’d understand.

What took me so bloody long? I’m lazy, ok? So, very lazy… sorry–nodded off there for a bit.

Anyways, here she be. Enjoy.

Seriously, though… Perrin,
what’s up with the cover?

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December 22nd, 2011 at 10:45 am

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300 and Counting

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If you’re surprised I haven’t posted about the impending Alibi Room 300th Taplist yet, then let me say I’m with you. What’s up with me?

Anywho, if you don’t already know, Nigel is doing his 300th Taplist next week, coincidentally about 100 taplists after his 200th celebration. However, instead of having one giant blowout evening with a lineup stretching down the block, he’s decided to split it into three nights starting Monday so as to give the most people the most chance to get in. And, of course, to give his registers the most chance to rake in that awesome, awesome, beer geek green. Now hey, not being critical here, Nigel needs that molah to buy weird beers with, which encourages those breweries to brew more weird beers, which in turn makes more beer for us. The ciiiiiircle of liiiiifeeee…

Aside: Not saying Nigel’s making a massive profit here, anything but. Despite the huge crowds, the margins on events like this remain fairly thin, with a good chunk of the cash going to entertainment (remember Rich Hope) as well as worthy charities like the Food Bank. Most of what’s left over pays for the very beer you’re drinking, but that was sort of my point: Buying craft/unique beer begets more craft/unique beer to buy.

I’ll be there at least on Tuesday, so keep an eye out for your favourite Bearded Beer Geek. 2nd Favourite? 3rd Favourite? 1st Somewhat likeable Beer Geek? Favourite somewhat-beer-related-guy-you’d-wave-to-from-across-the-street-but-not-actually-cross-the-street-to-talk-to? Well, fine, Mr. “I’m better than Chuck,” I’ll just wave to you from the uber-exclusive VIP express lineup that Nigel will invite me to. Right, Nigel? Nigel? Hello?

In preparation for this huge event, I’m assigning some beer homework for y’all. And no, it’s not the “drink some beer” type of homework. That’s just expected from you on a daily basis. No, this is reading based, but don’t fret, it’s reading *about* beer. Below are the menus from Nigel’s 100th and 200th events. Download them and peruse. Note please that these are not merely beer lists, but mini illustrated novels about beer and beer culture in BC. Stories about the breweries, anecdotes about brewmasters, streams of consciousness from Nigel, and little illustrations by Perrin. These are less menus and much more love poems to beer and beer culture. This is what makes the Alibi Room my favourite beer hall in town.

Well the massively awesome beer lineup doesn’t hurt, either.

Wow, just look at them… LOOK AT THEM! LOOOK!

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December 9th, 2011 at 12:11 pm

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April Beer of the Month — Yaletown Brewing Rocket to Russia

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Last month, I decided to highlight a noteworthy beer periodically. These beers are not meant to be the best, or even particularly good, but instead a beer that is interesting for one reason or another. A great example of this is Storm’s 11 12 13 year old sour lambic that is increasinly looking like it will gain the right to vote before we drink the last of it. I might highlight this one in a future article, but safe to say there’s no rush. (When Nigel feels compelled to comment on someone having their third pint of the same beer in one sitting, you know that beer is not in any sort of demand crisis).

She was unreachable for comment.
Likely because her taste buds exploded and she is now dead.

So today I take down the little badge honouring Driftwood’s fine CuvĂ©e D’Hiver, and replace it with… drumroll please…

Yaletown Brewing’s Rocket to RussiaBourbon-Oaked Russian Imperial Stout

I picked this beer for a number of factors. First, it’s an oak aged beer, and that’s a trend that’s only starting to catch on in Vancouver, despite its near-always delicious results. Second, it’s a Russian Imperial Stout, another type of beer that’s semi-rare locally, likely because of how expensive making this style is both in ingredients and in time. Ultimately, though, the main reason I picked this one was the back story.

RtR was conceived by a pair of gold-medal winning home brewers (Matt Anderson and Danny Seeton). They worked with YBC’s Iain Hill (also a medal winning brewer, although this time of the professional variety) and produced this sticky black bastard. Only 14 kilolitres were produced (usually beer is produced in hectolitre lots), so availability is not fantastic. Rumour has it that the Alibi Room and YBC still have some on tap… and that’s about it (please correct me if wrong).

This is what most rockets to russia look like.
Although technically I guess this is a rocket from Russia.

Is it a particularly good beer? Well… not so much. Of course, it’s a Russian Imperial Stout, and saying a beer is not a great RIS is like saying “that sex was subpar” or “this meth didn’t get me that high.” It’s still a freaking good beer. Even so, I found the flavours a bit cartoonish and unbalanced, coming at you one after another until you want to give up and look down the menu for the lagers. Time to age would likely help correct this, although aging costs money and raises the uncomfortable question of what to age it in, as the beer was already positively soaked through with bourbon and oak flavours.

Still, go drink this beer while you can, as the model of breweries sub-leasing out their spare capacity to homebrewers can only increase the variety and awesomeness of local beer. That the first time this was tried in BC resulted in a RIS is absolutely proof of this.

Where to get it: Alibi and YBC on tap. Soon to be gone forever, so go quickly. Also in limited quantities in Matt’s basement, probably.
Where not to get it: Anywhere else.

Written by chuck

April 1st, 2011 at 10:30 am