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Be The Change

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Finally, the Rio won. Last week the provincial booze czar, Rich Coleman, announced that the government was caving to common sense, and that movie theatres in general could go about applying for liquor licenses. Soon, you won’t have to sneak that beer in illicitly (well, maybe. The ruling says nothing about “Craft Beer” or “Affordable Beer”).

I kinda like this Coleman guy. He was parachuted into this job when the previous government crony Shirley Bond was putting up far too much of a red tape fuss over the Rio wanting a liquor license. Sure, the Rio didn’t exactly go about the whole thing in the best way, but the end result was a big old shining light on BC’s inept liquor laws. Something so stupid can only benefit from being brought out into the open where everyone can gasp about how obviously horrible it is, and talk about how something dearly needs to be done.. like homeopathy–yes, I did just compare our liquor laws to homeopathy. The laws are that bad. This line applies equally to both: the only way you can support it is if no one has ever really explained it to you.

Much like discount blood transfusions.

A few scant months later and we have booze in theatres. Yay us! Not only that, but rumour now has it that a “review of liquor policy in the province” is currently underway. What, exactly, is under review? I have no idea. Nor does anyone else, but don’t let that stop us from sending in our useful suggestions. Paddy, the stalwart president of CAMRA Vancouver, has offered to collect all our crackpot ideas together and forward them on to anyone in government who will listen. See Paddy’s appeal about half way down the page here.

Mail Paddy at:

So what would I like to see changed? Oh boy do I have ideas! I’ve ranted about this before, but no harm in rehashing it a bit. For now, I’ll leave my ideas about import/warehousing change aside.

Chuck’s Big List Of Liquor Law Changes

  • No specific liquor license for restaurants or pubs
    • No Liquor primary/food primary distinction. Want to sell food? Have at it. Don’t? Cool.
    • No licensed/unlicensed businesses. Anyone can sell booze if they’d like
  • Liquor sold by any business anywhere, and consumed by anyone anywhere. This includes:
    • Drinking in Public
    • Bring Your Own Booze for restaurants
    • Booze in grocery stores, 7-11s, food carts (how cool would that be?)
    • Take-home Growler fills at the pub
  • Return of Happy Hour
  • Allow retailers of liquor to augment it (house flavoured spirits, cask conditioned ales, or even re-fermented beers)
  • Allow tied houses (Parallel 49 cannot be sold at St Augustine’s due to the owners involvement in both–think about that for a second)
  • Allow offsite aging/barreling for brewers (lets brewers rent cheaper warehouse space for long term aging)
  • All the dumb shit, like allowing patrons to stand with their drink, or letting a band have a beer on stage

Very likely a few of you are shaking your heads and thinking “Wow that Chuck guy is extreme.” But I’m not. There are places in this world where every single one of those recommendations are in effect, and very few places where none of them are.

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April 19th, 2012 at 7:16 pm

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You Like Me! You Really Really Like Me!

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Did you hear the news? I am no longer a misinformed, angry, libel-manufacturing blogger. No sir-ee, I have moved up into the big leagues. I am now an award winning misinformed, angry, libel-manufacturing blogger. Those big time contracts will just start pouring in any second now… hmm… nothing. Odd that the NY Times hasn’t called yet. Oh wait, the phone’s on silent. Just throw that switch and… dum-de-dum… huh. Well, while we wait for them to redial, let’s move on.

So, during this past weekend all those CAMRA-types got together and had a mid-afternoon booze-up at Smiley’s, and as part of this they handed out awards to whoever looked like they deserved it. I won’t go into the details of who won what, as I–somewhat shockingly–don’t have much of a beef with any one point. I might have moved some stuff around, and maybe included Lighthouse ahead of Phillips for best brewery (or not given YBC bronze for casks), but honestly this is a pretty good list of the who’s who in BC beer.

The thing I want to talk about is that last category, “Best Local Beer Blogger or Writer.” And yes, that is the name of this humble blog sneaking into the top three. So do I have a beef with not winning the category outright? Well, um, uh…


Nope, can’t say that I do. Both Leo and Paddy put more effort into a single post than I do into a month’s worth. I mean, go read their pages; they do actual interviews and stuff. Sure, I guess that’s alright if you’re into that sort of thing, but my form of journalism is to strip down to my boxers, get drunk on the couch, and yell at my computer until it has enough words to hit “publish.”

Although I do have a tip on how to appear like a celeb, my friends: Don’t actually GO to the award ceremony yourself. It just seems… needy. Act like you’re too big for it and send a TV personality in your place. Then be all like “What? Another award? How quaint. Add it to the pile, I guess.”

In all seriousness, though, I would have been suspect of any award which did not put those two guys above me. As well, it should also be noted that getting a piece of paper for third of three basically means at least one person voted for me. Since I only know of one person that actually did, that’s the vote count that I’ll assume. So, uh, thanks Jenn!

This can go on the beer fridge, right next to my restraining order from Driftwood.

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January 24th, 2012 at 11:24 am

I Done Won… Something!

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I’m shocked. Just stunned. It turns out that I’ve won some sort of award from CAMRA for, uh, something. You see, I got this in my inbox just the other day:

Good day Chuck!

It is our pleasure to let you know that the CAMRA Vancouver membership has spoken and picked you as a winner in the 2012 CAMRA Vancouver Beer Awards.

Award(s) will be handed out at the AGM on Sunday, Jan 22nd. We kindly invite you to send a representative from your company to accept the award(s).

Note that the message says absolutely nothing about what, exactly, I won. Heck, I don’t even know that I truly won anything, since they give out prizes for the top three. And “Second” is just another word for “First Loser.”

I could be getting the nod in pretty much any category here, beit “Best Blogger”, “Best Beard”, or perhaps “Guy We’d Most Like To Meet In Person So We Can Give Him A Bomb Designed As An Award.” Sadly, all are equally likely. Although somehow I doubt I got third in Best Beard. I mean, c’mon! Have you seen Fluffy?

In any event, I won’t be there. I have a Driftwood Brewery tour to conduct at that exact same time. Instead, I will be sending along my lovely, and almost certainly insane, assistant Jenn to pick up the plaque for me (Note to Jenn: Please don’t pawn it before I get back). Please be nice to her, and remember that I’m not legally bound to honour any predictions, pacts or promissory notes she issues on my behalf.

First, why are there so many beer trophies on the internet? Second, why are they all made out of terrible beer?

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January 19th, 2012 at 2:29 pm

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