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Focus on the LDB

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Nope, this isn’t a rant… well, it isn’t entirely a rant. I looked out the window this afternoon and noticed it was kinda nice out. Then a cloud floated by which sorta looked like a “patio” and I thought “bang up idea, Mr Cloud!” (Note: pretty much all clouds look like a patio to me)

Of course, patio means patio beers. And with that thought came images of Belgian White. Long since gone from the private stores, Belgian White is available rather ubiquitously at the LDB, making for a rather shocking aberration from the LDB’s otherwise near perfect record of stocking pretty much entirely dreck and calling it beer.

So I wander over to the LDB website to find out where to buy this great concoction, and I see this.

Sigh. No funny caption. Just sigh.

Sure, there is such a thing as a nice wine to have in the summer heat, and this wine myopia on the LDB website is nothing new. However, there was just something about my particular context today and made this sting a bit more than usual. So I hung my head in a little bit of mini depression for how awful our provincial liquor board is.

Sensing that I was particularly vulnerable at that moment, the LDB website went for a “kick Chuck while he’s down” approach and scrolled this by.

Oh fuck off, LDB, just fuck right off.

I have officially given up hope that the LDB will ever give a focus to beer, period. Yet they sometimes have nice or unique products in stock. So screw you, LDB, I’ll do it for you. Thus, I present my first Focus on the LDB, a periodic post that will highlight interesting or special beers available in the LDB right now. This is not meant to be a comprehensive list, just two or three beers in stock at the LDB that I happen to like (and are therefore good).

Beer 1: Lighthouse Belgian White

Dean’s follow up to their highly acclaimed Belgian Black, the White is a more traditional take on a Belgian Wit Ale. I love this beer, and am happy to see it widely available. Sure, it’s not as over-the-top great as the Black, but sometimes a simpler beer is just what the doctor ordered. This is effectively the perfect patio beer.

Price: $6.50 for 650ml
Availability: Wide

Beer 2: Hopworks Secession

I guess someone ordered too much of this and had to dump it at the LDB to get rid of it. Having said that, this is perhaps the one of the best CDAs available in Cascadia. Grab some of Vern’s locally produced GIB CDA while you’re at it, and do a side-by-side comparison to see who wins in a CDA-off.

Price: $7.75 for 650ml
Availability: Limited

Beer 3: Parallel 49 Sampler

Ok, fine, this isn’t a beer, but rather four beers. So that’s got to be four times better, right? The newest BC brewery on the block decided to jump into the LDB with a splash, giving us all four of their summer lineup in one box. The four are: Seedspitter Watermelon Wit, Old Boy Classic Ale, Gypsy Tears Ruby Red, and Hoparazzi India Pale Lager. Each is a slightly unusual and interesting beer, and I love them all. The only problem is that every time I look down my glass is empty.

Price: $23.50 for 12x341ml
Availability: Limited

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July 21st, 2012 at 2:46 pm

Cascadian Style

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Cascadia, for those not in the know, is a proposed country that would be carved out of the US and Canada in the form of BC, Washington and Oregon. There are a few other proposals, but most of them have these 3 regions on the list. This new country would, in theory, contain people with more in common than Vancouver and Toronto. The Doug Flag (horizontal bands of blue, white and green with a Douglas Fir superimposed) would fly proudly over our hippy-infested patchouli-stenched paradise.

Why am I talking niche politics on a beer blog? It turns out that brewers are more likely than most to be subscribers to this movement. Think I’m joking? Then look at this example from the top of a box of Phillips Phoenix Lager:

They’re the Bloc Quebecois of BC Breweries.

Washington’s Fish Brewing puts a similar declaration on their beers. But it’s not just limited to box art. Check this bad boy out:

Wait, why is West Linn, Oregon the capital?
I don’t get it.

That’s the awesomely screen-printed bottle for Hopworks Urban Brewery’s CDA, not-so-subtley titled Secession. Heck, even CDA itself is a nod to the movement; in other parts of the world CDAs are called dark IPAs, but here they’re Cascadian Dark Ales. A vague term which implies that us Cascadian-types can only imagine one kind of dark ale: one cram-packed with hops. OK, maybe they’ve got us there.

Ack! I’m doing it. I’ve lumped myself in with the separatists! I do suppose that removing that pesky border would make it easier to get Oregonian beer up here and… uh… that’s all I need, actually.

All hail Cascadia!

Written by chuck

June 9th, 2011 at 1:42 pm

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