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GIB CDA Is Coming

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I’m back! Did you miss me? I’m working on a couple pieces relating to my recent journey through South America. One is about the growing craft beerscene in Bolivia, which most of you will be stunned to know exists at all. The second is a wine-centric piece on Chile. Sure it’s not the focus of my blog, but I have a soapbox and I’m going to use it. Look for those two streams of consciousness to appear in the next few weeks.

In the meantime, Granville Island Brewing has gone and done something interesting: They’re releasing a Cascadian Dark Ale. Chris from LoveGoodBeer wrote decent summary a few days ago, and even includes a picture of the label. You can read his summary here.

Last fall, when Steamworks was all “no Cascadia for you” they rather explicitly singled out Granville Island and tried to make the whole issue into a David v Goliath story. The feint didn’t quite work, but all that is in the past as Steamworks has rather generously conceded that anyone can use Cascadian Dark Ale as a descriptor without license.

So, now the first brewery to drop a major CDA release into the market since all this kerfuffle is none other than Granville Island, the brewery whose previous CDA Steamworks cites as the spark behind the whole of Cascadia-gate. That sound you heard was every pair of eyes in BC Craft Brewing focusing on the corner of Water and Cordova, waiting to see how Steamworks reacts.

If SW holds true to their story, they should be fine with this new release from GIB. Heck, GIB even made a concession to Steamworks here by giving a name to their previously-nameless special release, even if “Cloak and Dagger” is a bit tongue-in-cheek. The goal here is to be able to absolutely, 100% point to a name on the bottle and a totally separate style descriptor.

Personally, I think Steamworks will do the classy thing here and let this one slide. GIB has met them half way, afterall.

Written by chuck

April 8th, 2013 at 5:46 pm

Cascadia Update

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So earlier this month Chris from had an opportunity to discuss the whole “Cascadia-gate” issue w/ Walter Cosman, the President of Steamworks. I won’t repeat his article here, but rather suggest that everyone go over to his blog and read it. Seriously, go read it. Chris did all the work here; I’m just reposting his sleuthing like the lazy bum I am.

One thing I would like to highlight, though, is that as part of Chris’ conversation with Walter, Walter stated explicitly that the use of “Cascadia” in a style is fine by Steamworks. Walter upheld this position even when specifically queried about beer names like “Howe Sound Gathering Storm Cascadian Dark Ale.”

Steamworks is still talking about licensing the term for use by third parties, but presumably that would be for use as a brand name. Since no one ever wanted to use Cascadia as a brand name, just as a style name, I guess we’re done here. Steamworks is basically saying “Sorry! We screwed up!” and, you know what, that’s fine. You’re allowed to screw up, and I forgive you. Kudos for doing the right thing, even if it took a few months for you to come around.

Of course, we’ll see how serious Steamworks is about this whole “we’re fine w/ style names” thing when the company producing said style is Granville Island Brewing, whom they seem to have a special kind of hate for. However, if it’s okay for one company to do it, it’s okay for all.

Disclaimer: Please note that I did not talk to Steamworks directly, and all of this is based off of Chris’ work. As such, it should carry all the weight of something you read online in a blog somewhere.

Written by chuck

January 31st, 2013 at 4:17 pm