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Upcoming Breweries (17 Dec 2015)

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Here’s a list of known or rumoured breweries opening at… some point? I guess? Some of these are absolutely concrete while others are nothing but whispers I overheard at the pub (and might even be alternate names for other breweries on this list). Dates–even dates straight from the brewers–are giddy, dreamy estimates which the LCLB would love to crush.

Updated with the latest intel from Dave. He has a handy, awesome map of all these buggers for BC and beyond here:

Here’s a key for the status:

Open: Now open; will be removed from this list shortly.
Imminent: Brewing is happening, renos are drawing to a close. Opening date should be announced soon.
Building: Leases are signed, floors are being poured. It’s all happening!
Financing: Money is being/has been gathered, location pending.
Confirmed: I (or people I trust) have actually talked to the folk involved (and they asked me for money).
Rumoured: A guy once said something about this, maybe.

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Name Status Style Size Brewer Opening Date Where?
Broke ‘n Rode Building Spring 2016 100 Mile House
Faculty Building Spring 2016 1830 Ontario, Vancouver
Sooke Oceanside Building 2016 Sooke
Luppolo Building 2016 1123 Venables
Whitetooth Building 2015? Golden
One Duck Building 2016? Squamish
Field House Confirm Late 2015 Abbotsford
Trading Post Building Langley
Langley Brewing Rumoured 2015? Langley
Riot Brewing Confirmed 2016 Chemainus
Beach Fire Brewing Confirmed 2016 Campbell River
Twin City Financing Aaron Colyn 2015 Port Alberni
Royston Rumoured Nano Royston
Fuggles & Warlock* Confirmed West Coast Dan Fuggles
Strathcona Building
Flatlander Rumoured
Skeena Building Micro Late 2014? 4629 Greig Avenue, Terrace
Blind Pig Rumoured Late 2015? Vancouver
Victoria Caledonian Financing Brewpub Victoria
Ridge Building Micro 2015 2-22826 Dewdney Trunk Rd, Maple Ridge
Forbidden Brewing Building Micro 2014 1590 Cliffe Avenue, Courtenay

* Fuggles & Warlock have been contract brewing for quite some time now, but they ultimately do want to start up an in-province business.

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November 19th, 2013 at 3:51 pm

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  1. […] it’s shaky and unverified, I figured I’d do what I do best and publish it as fact. So, here ya go; thank me […]

  2. I heard there were some guys setting something up in Port Moody too.. well other than me..


    19 Nov 13 at 16:21

  3. also Steel and Oak are building and brewing now.


    19 Nov 13 at 16:22

  4. You are missing a few:

    Three Ranges Brewing Company – Valemont, on facebook, looks like imminent opening
    Skeena Brewing Company – Terrace, on facebook, still rumored but they seem to have money and are not giving up easy
    Comox Glacier Brewing Company – Comox, on facebook, don’t know much about it.

    I am pretty sure there is a few more, if I remember them will let you know.




    19 Nov 13 at 16:37

  5. Don’t forget about the Four Mile Brewpub in View Royal, Victoria which should be brewing beer in early January and the Loghouse Pub in Langford (Victoria) that will be going brewpub once they have moved their liquor store (early December). They have their equipment ordered currently.

    Also, Big Rock has secured a location on Alberta st. apparently… Irony? Luck?

    Jeff - VIB

    20 Nov 13 at 08:18

  6. @Jeff – Interesting. I had concluded that Four Mile was already brewing based on the state of their site. I’ll add ’em in with Loghouse.


    20 Nov 13 at 08:29

  7. Is someone seriously opening a brewery called ‘Surlie’?

    Other suggestions:

    Ballast Pint


    26 Nov 13 at 10:35

  8. Frank_Z

    24 Jan 14 at 01:24

  9. Adam_L

    20 Feb 14 at 10:18

  10. @Adam – I excluded Trail (now Rossland) because they appear to be a UBrew as opposed to an actual brewery. Their license remains a Ubrew for now, but if that changes I’ll add them to the list.


    20 Feb 14 at 10:27

  11. Blind Pig Brewing Co: late 2014 – early 2015


    4 Mar 14 at 16:05

  12. Thanks, Cameron. Adding them as rumoured.


    4 Mar 14 at 16:19

  13. Callister Brewing (Van East) –

    Dageraad (Unnamed Brewery B) –


    7 Mar 14 at 12:22

  14. I think this one is still missing on the list: Callister Brewing Company


    7 Mar 14 at 13:13

  15. What about Maynestream in Delta ?


    6 Apr 14 at 10:01

  16. @Adam – Curiously, they have a winery license, not a brewing license. Are they making alcoholic beer (last I heard it was just ginger beer under “Unusual Brewing”)?


    7 Apr 14 at 09:34

  17. […] Yeast Van. Storm, Parallel 49, Coal Harbour, Powell Street, and Bomber Brewing along with a slew of others opening soon occupy the industrial area between Clark and Victoria […]

  18. Barley,
    Off The Rail Brewing has a signed lease, drains installed, equipment ordered and slab being poured at 1351 Adanac St.
    Optimistic opening date would be August 1st if all city inspections go smoothly!

    Thanks Steve

    Steve Forsyth

    27 May 14 at 17:20

  19. Beside the brewery creek and main street neighborhoods a third hot spot could be Granville Island with a new brew pub and additional mirco and nano breweries if things work out:


    20 Jun 14 at 13:16

  20. I heard Fuggles and warlock have bought a brewery, is that true?


    14 Jul 14 at 01:05

  21. @Chris – I had not heard that. I had heard they were looking to buy space, but then I just recently heard that Dan accepted the Head Brewer job at Big River, an act most definitely at odds with opening his own brewery.


    14 Jul 14 at 08:52

  22. I guess the first 2 rows got mixed up with the update? Ian Hill should be still a strange fellow.
    Dogwood: 8284 Sherbrooke Street
    Yellow Dog: 2817 Murray St., August 2nd?
    Moody Ales: 2601 Murray St.
    Callister is still missing in the list? 1338 Franklin St.


    14 Jul 14 at 11:13

  23. @Frank_Z – Yeah, copy/paste error. There’s so many of these guys and so many updates that I don’t always make the update to both the map and here.

    I know the map is supposed to be open/imminent, but I play fast and loose w/ keeping them in sync/not.


    14 Jul 14 at 11:17

  24. Cool I’ll have to go check that out


    14 Jul 14 at 14:33

  25. Hi Chuck – Please add us to your list.
    Maple Meadows Brewing Co.
    22775 Dewdney Trunk, Maple Ridge, BC
    Status: Building
    Size: Micro
    Style: West Coast
    Opening: October 2014


    9 Aug 14 at 15:31

  26. any updates on Unnamed Brewery D in Port Moody?

    Mike Wood

    2 Oct 14 at 12:46

  27. @Mike — Nope. Heard some rumours of “some guys” looking at leasing space, but have seen nothing since. I’ll assume it fizzled if I don’t get more info soon.


    2 Oct 14 at 13:41

  28. Twin Sails brewery, 2821 MURRAY ST

    Mike wood

    17 Oct 14 at 13:07

  29. Good investigation, Mike. Thanks!


    17 Oct 14 at 13:37

  30. Heard there is a new brewery starting up in North Van at the old Red Truck location/Taylor’s Crossing called Hearthstone Brewing.

    Heard anything on that?


    3 Nov 14 at 17:02

  31. I have now 🙂 Into the rumoured column it goes.


    3 Nov 14 at 17:03

  32. nice. I’ve only seen them on instagram, but couldn’t find anything on facebook, twitter or a website.


    3 Nov 14 at 17:16

  33. The Comox Valley Scoop…In addition to Gladstone, we have Foundation Brewing Co opening in next few months here in Courtenay (source: ). Also coming soon, in nearby Cumberland is the Cumberland Brewing Co (source: )


    4 Nov 14 at 21:24

  34. Stopped in to Hearthstone yesterday to see what was going on. Spoke with one of the brewers there – sounds like there are 2 guys running the place. One brewer who used to be a brewer at Brew Dog in Scotland running their pilot program, and one brewer from Mission Springs who went through the American Brewers Guild’s program. JUST starting to brew though – they said January before beer is available.

    STOKED to have a new brewery close by.


    6 Nov 14 at 16:33

  35. Cumberland Brewing Company opened four days ago. I’ll be posting more when I get the OK.


    27 Dec 14 at 21:56

  36. Hi
    Maple Meadows Brewing Company is on his final stages, please follow us at facebook


    2 Jan 15 at 00:18

  37. Hey Chuck, gotta new one for ya! Ridge Brewing opening summer 2015. Address is 2-22826 Dewdney Trunk Rd in Maple Ridge next to Broco Auto Glass and Fabulous Feet. Now you can drink beer, get a new windshield and learn ballet all in the same day! Check this out:

    Charlie Watafeeling

    10 Jan 15 at 17:43

  38. Field House is looking for a brewmaster…


    10 Mar 15 at 16:23

  39. […] Field House Beer Co. (not to be confused with Colorado’s Fieldhouse Brewing Co.) is looking for a brewmaster, also according to Craigslist, suggesting they deserve more than the “rumoured” status attributed by Barley Mowat in his list of upcoming breweries. […]

  40. Hey Chuck – you can officially take us out of the “rumoured” category. Actually you can take us off the upcoming brewery list as well because we are good to go.

    Currently only a production brewery – kegs only for now, so watch for us in local pubs. Tap room is currently underway and should be complete in about 3 – 4 months.

    Not officially doing tours, but myself and George are here nearly every week day and some weekends, so if anyone wants to pop their head in, you are more than welcome.


    18 Mar 15 at 12:28

  41. Frank_Z

    16 Apr 15 at 01:48

  42. Any update on this? Where is the Langley brewery going to be?


    25 Sep 15 at 13:30

  43. Thanks for the prompt. I’ll update all this right now, but I haven’t heard any additional info about Langley Brewing. Evidence is from their Twitter feed, which has been silent for some time now:


    25 Sep 15 at 13:58

  44. We are not a rumour, it’s true! You can visit our website

  45. Hi Chuck,

    Faculty Brewing Co. is in the middle of construction.
    we are installing our huge trade waste interceptor to comply with the new water bylaw.
    1830 Ontario St, Vancouver, BC
    and we will probably open at the beginning of the spring 2016


    11 Dec 15 at 11:07

  46. @Mauricio – Holy crap. I can’t believe I don’t have you on the list, since I walk past your door several times every week 🙂


    11 Dec 15 at 11:45

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